Euro Parliament approves lower SMS tariffs

Yesterday afternoon, the European Parliament has almost unanimously approved the lowering of a European maximum on international voice calls and the inrtoduction of a maximum on the price of a SMS and surfing.

As of July 2009, sending a SMS from a foreign country (within the Union) should cost maximum 11 eurocent.  Today, this is on average 28 eurocent and sometimes up to 80 eurocent!

By 2011, the maximum tariff for outgoing international calls should have diminished to 0.35 euro per minute.  Incoming calls should be charged at a maximum of 0.11 euro per minute.  This summer, we can’t profit from these limits just yet.  So when you’re calling a friend from the beach in Barcelona, remember you’ll still be charged up to 0.43 euro/minute.  When that friend calls you, your part of the bill can be a maximum of 0.19 euro/minute.

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