Stop your stolen car by SMS

A month ago, we were driving our car with an iPhone, so why not stop a car by SMS?

Students engineering at the University of Saskatchewan , Canada have worked out a system that can be very useful if your car got stolen.  Basically, you send a SMS to the board computer of your car and tells the system that the car is over-heated, after which the vehicle will be immobilized.
To avoid accidents, the car won’t stop immediately, but it will be limited to 30 km/h.  When the thief stops the car, he won’t be able to start it again.  To complete the magic, the system will send a SMS message back with the GPS coordinates of the car’s current location.


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  1. There is a free site called on which you can report a stolen car or other stolen property.


    It’s a really easy to use site and allowed me to enter all my property before it is stolen as well (brand, model, serial # and photos). In the event of an insurance claim or that it is stolen in the future, I can simply check a box supposedly and report it stolen.

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