American duo sends record breaking 217.000 SMS

And you thought that you send too many SMS in a month?
(replace ‘you’ by ‘your teenage kids’ if you’re over 40)

Two friends from Pennsylvania have send a stunning amount of 217.000 messages to each other during the month of March.  That’s 7.000 SMS per day, in case you’re wondering.

Nick (29) and Doug (30) were in for the record, which was previously held Deepak Sharma in India, who sent 182.000 messages in 2005.  The duo set up their mobile to send multiple messages, most of which contained just short texts, such as ‘LOL’ and ‘Hello’. 

Both had relied on their unlimited text messaging plans, so quite the surprise when Nick received a bill of $ 26,000.  After complaints, mobile operator T Mobile has credited his account and is investigating the charges. 

The Guinness Book of Records hasn’t yet responded whether the record will be certified.

Mobile phone with hand

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