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Church group collects charity by SMS

In the past, we’ve seen good and bad examples of the relationship between the Church and SMS.
Here’s another good one from The Netherlands.

The group Kerk in Actie (Church in Action; part of the Protestant Church) is collecting charity money by SMS.  Since last week, a radio commercial urges people to send a premium SMS message with the text ‘Noodhulp’ to the shortcode number 4333, which costs 1,50 euro per message.  The revenue will be used to help victims of the civil war in Sri Lanka, more specifically for food, drinkable water and housing in the area.


Belgian elections: still no mobile marketing, no social media

I blogged several times on the successful use of mobile marketing in Obama’s election campaign.  In fact, it’s been praised as a great example of the possibilities of mobile marketing on many international sites and blogs.

One would think many would follow his example, right?  After all, Obama proved the many advantages of using SMS and Mobile Internet in a campaign: it’s fast, you reach a lot of people, you prove to be into modern technology, and it’s a great way to build in interactivity and people involvement.

So instead of sticking to those lame (and expensive!) billboards in people’s gardens, Belgian politicians and parties have had developped their own mobile site with their political program and the latest news.  They have offered SMS alerts to remind voters what they stand for.  They have held collects by SMS payment to fund their campaign among party members.

At least, that’s just some of the things they COULD have done.  But we have seen none of that appear.  The cliché of the Belgian who sticks to the old, to what he knows, has once again been confirmed by our very own political figures.  Instead of showing their progressive side, stimulating innovation in Belgian business, they’ve chosen to play it safe.

No social media were used either.  Several international examples have recently adopted social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with big success.  Apart from some local initiatives and Facebook fan groups, we’ve seen nothing of that either in the Belgian election campaigns.

Better luck next time?

PS: I forgot to mention one of the exceptions: CAP (Comité pour une Autre Politique) uses a SMS Payment service to fund their election campaign. Big thumbs up to them!

KPN and Concentra invest in Mobile Vikings

KPN and Concentra are each taking a participation share of 33,3% in Mobile Vikings.   This way City Live,  the company behind this mobile operator,  can raise his capital to 1,2 million euro.  District Live, the holding of City Live and Mobile Vikings, preserves the remaining 33,3%.

Mobile Vikings is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that wants to make the mobile internet available for everyone.  They’ve been active in Belgium since December 2008.

Cross-promotion on mobile for Blackberry and Madonna

AT&T, RIM (Blackberry) and Live Nation (Management for Madonna) have teamed up together to promote the new Blackberry Bold, as well as Madonna’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour DVD.

For a limited time,  only owners of a new BlackBerry Bold smartphone from AT&T have access to stream exclusive Madonna live performances from the Sticky & Sweet tour before they’re available in stores.


Vodafone announces mobile app store

Vodafone – the world’s largest mobile operator by sales, active in 27 countries – has announced that it will launch its own mobile application store. The app store is scheduled to go live later this year, giving access to Vodafone’s 289 million worldwide subscribers. The operator will bill premium downloads directly to subscribers’ existing prepaid and postpaid accounts, claiming 30 percent of revenues in the process.

More on the Vodafone app store here.

Interesting demo for Google Product Search for mobile

App-vertising, the new mobile advertising?

AdAge has a great article on the use of Apps for mobile advertising :

For nearly a decade, mobile advertising has proven to be the great white whale of digital marketing — forever on the horizon but perpetually out of reach.

But thanks to Apple’s iPhone and App Store, that’s all about to change. The numbers to date are staggering: 1 billion applications served, 35,000 applications available and more than 30 million devices in market. Apple’s meteoric success with the App Store (launched a mere nine months ago) is fueling a mobile-application market boom.

Consumers, once wary of using their phones for anything more than talking or texting, now seem to have an almost insatiable appetite for mobile applications. IPhone owners on average download more than 20 applications to their devices (upward of 40, according to some reports) and Google Android users are even more ravenous.

The market is sure to grow even larger as more companies leap in. Nokia, which has nearly 40% of the global smartphone market, announced that it would be entering the mobile-application fray with its Ovi Store (featuring 20,000 applications available for download) this week, joining competing offerings from BlackBerry, Google’s Android Market, Microsoft and Palm.

All of this is igniting the imaginations of brand marketers and ushering in a land grab for an increasingly valuable piece of real estate: the always-on device in our pockets.

Enter “app-vertising,” a new name for an emerging mix of branded mobile applications and in-application advertising that is finally poised to deliver on the promise of mobile marketing. Here are some marketers getting into the act.

Continue reading at AdAge.

Mobile campaign to promote Peugeot 308 CC

Peugeot is using a mobile campaign to promote the 308 CC and specifically its Airwave neck warming system, which allows to drive this cabrio in every season.  Mobile advertising banners on mobile sites such as De Standaard Mobile lead to mobile landing page with info on this car model.  Consumers who are interested in a test drive, can leave their coordinates and will be contacted by a Peugeot dealer in their neighborhood.

Two weeks ago, MobileWeb also developed a mobile landing page for a Nikon campaign.  These mobile landing pages are becoming more and more a trend as advertising channel.

The mobile campaign for Peugeot was realised in collaboration with (development), Havas Digital (agency) and Corelio Connect (advertising platform).


Adidas mobile app tracks marathon runners

Adidas has launched a cool mobile application which allows people to track their friends as they run the London Marathon. The Runner Tracker service, developed by British agency Marvellous, sends subscribers SMS updates about the location of a runner on the 26.4 mile course. 

Visitors to the Adidas website are encouraged to download an app which directs them to enter their friend’s race number. Information including their start time and average speed is then available via the app. The Runner Tracker also includes general race information, including a map and directions to get to various parts of the course. The app builds on an existing service from last year which saw 4,320 people use it on the day with 10% of runners tracked.

(source: NewMediaAge)


MobileWeb supports Belga-Vox concert – and you?

MobileWeb has offered a free SMS service to support the Belga-Vox concert, which will take place next sunday 17 May 2009 at the Atomium.   

Belga-Vox is a organisation that wants to enforce the solidarity, the dialogue, the respect and the multicultural diversity in Belgium.  They also aim to make the Belgian identity stronger. 

The concert boosts performances by a large ranges of Belgian artists, including:
Adamo, Arno, Baloji, Julos Beaucarne, Boogie Boy, A Brand, Koen Buyse (Zornik), Stef Kamil Carlens (Zita Swoon), The Catatonics, Clouseau, Daan & Telex, Jasper Erkens, Delphine Gardin (Monsoon), Rocco Granata, JackyBond, Jeronimo, Joshua, Sandra Kim & Les Gauff, Steven & Stijn Kolacny (Scala), Flip Kowlier, Laura Lynn, Machiavel, Marka, Maurane, Stijn Meuris (Monza), Paul Michiels, Jef Neve, Didier Odieu, Patrick Ouchène, Bart Peeters, An Pierlé, Tom Pintens, Axelle Red, Gabriel Rios, Rival CNN, Roland, Kate Ryan, Saule, The Scabs, Selah Sue, Sioen, Eté 67, Jasper Steverlinck, Sttellla, Suarez, Toots Thielemans, Sacha Toorop, Stash, Triggerfinger, Will Tura, Luna Twist, Frank Vander Linden, Johan Verminnen, Marie Warnant, Yevgueni and Joost Zweegers (Novastar).

You can support Belga-Vox by simply sending a SMS to the number 4666 (1 euro).