Proximus announces Google Phone at 449 Euro early June

As said yesterday, Proximus announced the new Google Phone during a press conference this morning. The HTC Magic, based on the Android platform, will be exclusively distributed by Proximus, starting early June. An exact launch date was not specified.

The price may disappoint: it’s offered at 449,00 Euro. Cheaper than the iPhone, offered at Mobistar, but still not exactly ‘cheap’. Many people it would have been offered at very low price, combined with a Proximus subscription. After all, the ban on combined sales has been virtually lifted, so they could’ve offered the first smartphone-mobile subscription package of the country. But no, seems that is too risky for Proximus.

So whether this new smartphone will break any popularity records, depends if Android can convince the consumer. The first Google Phone, the T-Mobile G1, wasn’t released in Belgium, so it’s up to the HTC Magic to test this out. It offers access to the Android Market, virtual store for lots of mobile applications, which will be competing to the highly popular Apple App Store.  
Of course there are all the Google applications making this mobile device more interesting, access to Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, Youtube, Picasa,…

However, first reviews complain about the poor quality of the 3,2 megapixel camera and the media player, which produces a rather flat sound. 

So, do you plan to buy this smartphone? Let me know!


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