Belgacom and Alcatel-Lucent collaborate on mobile payments

Belgacom and Alcatel-Lucent are going to collaborate on a new business model for mobile payments via PingPing and the contactless services of Touchatag.   PingPing has recently been launched by Belgacom for mobile payment services, while Alcatel-Lucent developped Touchatag to offer Near Field Technology (NFC) technology.   The goal is to develop new applications for mobile payments.  Before the fall of this year, they hope to finish a system allowing a contactless card or a NFC-enabled mobile phone to give access to a large range of services.

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  1. The scope and usability of NFC technology is limitless. Not far is the day when one would neither have to carry cash nor card – just an NFC enabled phone with services such as described in this post would be good for all payments.

    Joseph Ponnou
    Online Payments Dubai UAE, Mobile Payments Dubai UAE United Arab Emirates

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