Apple introduces new, faster iPhone 3G S

Apple has presented the new iPhone 3G S, with the ‘S’ of Speed.  Yes, the speed is supposed to be twice as high as for the previous iPhone 3G, enabling faster web page rendering and quicker application launches.

Apart from improved speed and performance, it promises longer battery life, a 3 megapixel camera, video recording and hands-free voice control.  It works with Apple’s new iPhone OS 3.0 and contains more than 100 new features including Cut, Copy and Paste, MMS, data tethering, Spotlight Search and landscape keyboard.

The Apple iPhone 3G S will arrive in US stores (Apple and AT&T) tomorrow.  A 16Gb version will be available at $199, while a 32Gb can be bought at $299.  The price of the  ‘old’ 8Gb iPhone 3G will be cut to $99.

Meanwhile, Mobistar has sent out a mailing to say that “details on the release of the new iPhone [in Belgium] will be available soon”.


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