Erotic iPhone apps: yes or no?

Last week, the discussion about whether or not erotic/porn mobile apps should be allowed in the Apple App Store lit up again.  The App Hottest Girls seemed to had made it through Apple’s strict censorship controls, even though it showed erotic images of – you guessed it – the hottest girls.
As the developers got a bit too euphoric and exclaimed having ‘the  first officially sanctioned iTunes app to contain topless photos’, it soon created a buzz and ended up being censored by Apple after all.

While some claim that the App Store should remain ‘clean’ of such applications, others are argumenting that it’s useless to censor out erotic/porn from the apps, while the iPhone allows Internet access to plenty of that.  The latest iPhone model also allows to set parental controls and age restrictions.

Besides, how long will Apple resist to include the most profitable content there is in the online world?

So erotic apps on your iPhone, yes or no?  Leave a comment and give us your say.


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