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Web Goes Mobile 4: Web or App? Subscribe now

Web or App?

Mobile Apps are the hype of the moment. Will apps be the holy grail of the mobile industry? Or should you bet on the mobile web? Find out during the 4th edition of the Web Goes Mobile seminar: Web or App?.


Program of the seminar – Thu. 19 November 2009 (9h30-14h)

» Overview of Mobile Internet Consumption
Hervé Le Jouan (Managing Director, Census Solutions, comScore Inc.)

» The Phone is the Web is the Phone
Michael Kögeler (General Manager Consumer & Online, Microsoft Be & Lux)

» Mobile Apps: The Future of Mobile Advertising
Andrew Grill (Mobile Evangelist and Author of top 20 UK blog London Calling)

» Pecha Kucha session
Web and App case studies by Touring Mobilis, Netlog, Mobillion,

Afterwards a free lunch is offered to give you ample opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing.

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Blackberry presents U2 mobile album

Research In Motion, producer of the Blackberry smartphone, has collaborated with Irish rock band U2 on a Mobile Album.  This mobile app, which can be downloaded for free in Blackberry App World, gives a “visual experience and an interactive dimension” for their latest album ‘No Line On The Horizon’.   While it doesn’t include the actual songs, you get lots of photos, videos, news, lyrics and other multimedia.

Some interesting features will soon be added:
– Tap into the Who’s Listening section and see when and where other users are listening to the album
– Track the tour as the band moves across the globe – see where they’re going and where they’ve been



Mobile app to facilitate SMS Parking

Mobile-for, the Belgacom affiliate responsible for the SMS parking services in several Belgian cities, has launched a mobile application to facilitate this service.  The app, which can be tested in Leuven as from October 2009, can be downloaded on all Google Android enabled smartphones (which kinda limits the testing audience…)  In the coming months however, the app should be available for other smartphones, such as iPhone and Blackberry.

With the app, the user doesn’t have to sms his licence plate any longer.  He also knows the remaining parking time at all time.  The next release will also give GPS coordinates for the nearest parking automat and the occupancy status of parkings in the neighbourhood.

Early 2010, they will start a pilot project to pay your parking ticket through Ping.Ping’s NFC (Nearest Field Communication) technology.


Mobile site for train info

Infrabel launched the mobile site already in april 2009, but somehow that escaped our blogging attention.  While it shouldn’t have, because it is a nice example of an efficient and very useful mobile website.

It’s been years since I’ve traded the railways for the highways (not necessarily getting me to my destination any faster), but I remember when I was a student how frustrating it was to only have the train info when you arrived at the station.  Think of all those times you rushed to the station to catch a train, only to arrive and learn that it has half an hour of delay.

With the mobile site, you can check for every Belgian station, which trains have arrived and which are about to depart.  Not only you see the destination and departure time, but also the platform number and any possible delay.  With a simple differentiation in colours, you can see the current location of the train.

The design is very simple; apart from the Railtime logo is pure text.  But that’s a positive thing: mobile internet design should follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) to maximize efficient reading.

From me, it gets thumbs up!

Have you used this site yet?  Did you get the correct & up to date info?  Leave a comment with your opinion.


Facebook Connect expands across the mobile web

Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Connect for Mobile Web, an effort to extend its reach across the mobile application ecosystem. Speaking at the Nokia World event in Stuttgart, Germany, Facebook Mobile director Henri Moissinac said Facebook Connect for Mobile Web will enable developers to add Facebook social media functionality to any app across any operating system, offering users the option to share information with friends and update their current status. The social networking giant introduced Facebook Connect for traditional web apps in 2008, and expanded the program to iPhone applications earlier this year.

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Samsung Application Store launched

Last Monday, Samsung Electronics has launched its Samsung Application Store.
Users of Samsung smartphones, such as the Samsung Omnia, in the UK, Italy and France have now access to mobile apps; 30 other countries will soon follow.
The  Samsung Application Store joins a large range of other app stores, including Apple App Store, Blackberry’s App World, Nokia’s Ovi and Google’s Android Market.

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Mobile Internet usage to reach 39% in 2014

According to a recent Forrester research report, one out of 3 European consumers will use the Mobile Internet in 5 years from now. 
 The adoption of the mobile platform is set to grow from 13% in 2008 to 39% in 2014.

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Mobile Internet use in Belgium will triple

According to a new Forrester study, the use of the Mobile Internet in Belgium will triple over the next 5 years.    While now only a mere 9% of Belgian mobile users surf the mobile web, this will be 28% in 2014.  Still, this means Belgium still seriously lags behind in Europe, where an average of 39% is expected.  Our Dutch neighbours would even go up to 47%, almost half of the mobile population.

Forrester gives a few explanations for this bad score:
– First of all, the amount of 3G networks is limited, with Base still not offering anything. 
– Secondly, there is (or rather, was) the ban on combined sales, which meant that smartphones are still expensive and are less prominent than in other countries.
– Thirdly and most important, is the lack of flat rate subscriptions. 

So it’s mostly up to the mobile operators, whether or not they want to give a boost to the mobile internet market.  With profit for voice and text decreasing, one would think they are eager to stimulate this mobile platform…

Nokia announces mobile payment service Nokia Money

Nokia has announced a new mobile payment service, under the name Nokia Money
The service is targeted mainly at countries with a limited bank infrastructure. Argumenting that there are 4 billion mobile phones worldwide, compared to only 1,6 billion bank accounts, Nokia considers the mobile phone as the perfect device to facilitate a payment or a money transfer. 

Nokia will be using the tchnology of Obopay, a company they acquired recently.   To use the Nokia Money service, one must have an Obopay account on which money has been transferred.

The service will be available in certain markets early 2010.

Minister Q: “maximum price for sms not possible”

Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne reacts to a call from consumers organisation Test-Aankoop to put a maximum price on SMS messages.  According to Minister Q, this is not possible, since the European legislation does not allow such a limitation.  But he claims that high competition on the market will automatically lead to lower prices.   This will be stimulated even further when a 4th licence is auctioned later this year.  Telenet and Voo have already shown interest.