European Commission wants clarity on exploding iPhones

Despite all the positive news for Apple, mentioned in the previous two blog items, there’s rising criticism as well. 

New devices are scarce, even for the third generation 3G S.  One would think Apple has learned from the previous iPhone launches and provide more copies of their popular smartphone in the stores.  Unless of course they want to keep the hype up by making the iPhone rare and on demand.  This thesis is heard more and more and has drawn a lot of criticism already.

But worse for Apple’s reputation is the fact that several devices have exploded recently.  In France alone, some 10 iPhones have exploded and sometimes injured their owner.  Last week it was reported that the iPhone of a 15 year old boy from Liège imploded right before he wanted to make a call.  Apple promised him a new iPhone but the boy hasn’t heard anything from Apple since.
According to experts, the problem is caused by the unstable polymere Lithium Ion batteries, although those are used in many mobile phones and other electronic appliances.  
Apple has tried to downplay the issue, but now both the French “Direction Générale de la Concurrence de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes” and the European Commission are investigating this closely.

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