Mobile Internet use in Belgium will triple

According to a new Forrester study, the use of the Mobile Internet in Belgium will triple over the next 5 years.    While now only a mere 9% of Belgian mobile users surf the mobile web, this will be 28% in 2014.  Still, this means Belgium still seriously lags behind in Europe, where an average of 39% is expected.  Our Dutch neighbours would even go up to 47%, almost half of the mobile population.

Forrester gives a few explanations for this bad score:
– First of all, the amount of 3G networks is limited, with Base still not offering anything. 
– Secondly, there is (or rather, was) the ban on combined sales, which meant that smartphones are still expensive and are less prominent than in other countries.
– Thirdly and most important, is the lack of flat rate subscriptions. 

So it’s mostly up to the mobile operators, whether or not they want to give a boost to the mobile internet market.  With profit for voice and text decreasing, one would think they are eager to stimulate this mobile platform…

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    • Harold Tor
    • September 18th, 2009

    Yes, one would presume operators would decrease their pricing.

    With Van Quickenborne abiding by EU decree that Belgium should stop its ban on combined sales, many mobile operators are reluctant to offer combined offers, because so far the combined sales ban has profited them instead of users. Ah, the irony of it all!

    I’ve tried both BASE’s EDGE network and Mobistar’s 3G network. I must say that both are sluggy and inconsistent.

    I am continuing my usage of mobile internet because I am used to it, but with such sub-standard level of service, first time users are reluctant to spend as much as 0.60€ per MB where one waits 5 minutes just to load Google’s mobile site.

    I attribute this to the government’s inability to break sluggish incompetent operators’ monopoly.

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