Apple App Store becomes even more strict on ‘sexual content’

So far, Apple has always banned adult content from their app store.  But at least some soft erotic material was still accepted, such as profiles of models (without nude pictures).  But it seems they are getting more puritanical than ever. 

Recently Apple decided to ban “all sexual content”.  Apparently, that means everything that could lead to even the slightest arousal or tintalation: no swimsuits, no sexual connotation or innuendo, no skin (!),…
As a result, several apps have been removed that had no intention of “sexual arousal” in the first place, like the app of a popular fitness model in her workout clothes.

Strangely, the iPhone now features parental controls, offering the possibility to block the applications from view of anyone who isn’t old enough to see them.   Yet, Apple continues its censorship. 

Read more on this Techcrunch blog post.

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