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Mobile Web more popular than newspaper or magazine reading in Europe

A recent study by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) has found that browsing the mobile web is more popular than reading newspapers or magazines.

The study found that on average 71 million Europeans use the internet on their mobile each week – for an average time of almost one hour every day.

EIAA’s Mediascope Europe study across 15 European markets highlights how consumers are extending the ways in which they enjoy and engage with the internet and its growing influence on everyday lives.

The findings indicate a growing public awareness of the mobile internet – there are now more people who are aware that they can use the Internet on their mobile device than not (48% vs 47%).

71 million Europeans browse the mobile Internet in a typical week, and the time spent browsing is almost an hour per day – an average of 6.4 hours per week browsing. This compares with an average of just 4.8 hours reading a newspaper or 4.1 hours reading magazines.


This increase is largely being driven by the younger generations with 24% of 16-24 year olds and 21% of 25-34 year olds already using the mobile Internet and spending on average 7.2 and 6.6 hours respectively each week.

And the time spent is not the same across all countries, with Poland leading the way with an average of over 10 hours spent on mobile internet per week.


The EIAA study also included some interesting information about what activities are popular on mobile phones:

  • almost half (48%) of Europeans use their internet enabled phones for more than voice conversation
  • 16% state they communicate using social media via their mobile
  • 16% also using mobile instant messenger

Alison Fennah, Executive Director of the EIAA said: “Better devices and connectivity as well as enhanced consumer motivation all started coming together in 2009 to improve and extend the overall online experience. As a result, the internet is now being consumed across PC, laptop, mobile and gaming devices, providing 24-7 access to digital information and entertainment. This presents a compelling case for brands to explore and incorporate a growing number of complementary interactive platforms into the marketing mix.

“Indeed, new age patterns of media consumption indicate that marketers should be looking to develop multi-platform strategies that reach and connect with consumers more effectively and increase ROI. This is opposed to making media decisions based on an ‘either or’ basis if they want to reach all demographics.”

To read the full Press Release please click HERE.

Source: MobiAdNews

[Android Experience] HTC “The strength of Android: The user experience central”

The third keynote was from Mark Moons, Regional Director Benelux HTC.

In the Netherlands are currently seven mobile operating systems in circulation. The consumer makes the choice and looks especially to the subscription. Yet there are, 13 months after the launch of Android, huge differences in market penetration to see:

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[Android Experience] The mobile future is open: the impact of Android

The second keynote at the Android Experience was from Ed Achterberg (Telecompaper).

Ed Achterberg of Telecompaper described the mobile landscape during his presentation. All ingredients are present for growth. The subscriptions are available, we have the bandwidth and the devices are there.  Today is one of the three units sold a smartphone. The men are taking lead: 25% of men have a smartphone and only 12% of women.

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[Android Experience] “Android is phone for the rest of us”

I was present today at the first Dutch event about the Android-platform, Android Experience 2010. While coming back from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) I have the time to write a blog post about my day and experiences.

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Today released his first Android application

You have access to the best radio stations from Belgium and this on your Android device! You can browse and listen to (currently) 82 radio stations, including: Q-music, MNM, Studio Brussel, TopRadio, NRJ, Fun Radio, BelRTL, Radio Contact, Nostalgie, VivaCite, Pure FM, …

For more information check and you will see a lot of information and a list of features!

Google TV brings more Google at your home

Google is working with Intel, Sony, and other partners to develop Google TV, a service aimed at putting the Internet search giant’s Web offerings in people’s living rooms, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Google TV will combine the company’s Android mobile operating system and applications with television devices made for the OS, including set-top boxes, the paper says.

The TV technology will run on Intel’s Atom chips and Google will develop a new version of its Chrome browser for the TV project.

The use of Android for TV could put applications and other software developed for the OS on TVs in addition to smartphones, the devices the OS was designed for. The companies working on the project, which also reportedly include Logitech, “envision technology that will make it easy for TV users to navigate Web applications, like the Twitter social network and the Picasa photo site, as it is to change the channel,” the New York Times says.

Google will open the TV platform to Android developers as part of the initiative, with a software developer’s kit.

Several companies have already started using Android in devices made for TVs, including set-top boxes and 2D/3D graphics accelerators, designed around MIPS Technologies’ chip architecture. MIPS and its partners have done the development work on Android to tweak it for use in such devices.

Android was designed to work with Arm processing cores, the most popular cores in smartphones, but some companies have ported Android to other chip processing architectures, including MIPS and Intel’s x86 processing architecture.

Google predicts rise of mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing will soon become more popular than traditional online advertising, predicts Vic Gundotra of Google.   With the usage of smartphones still on the rise, Google expects companies will pay higher rates for mobile search ads than standard PC-based ones.   During a webcast on Monday, Gundotra added that ad rates (CPC) for the mobile channel have already increased “dramatically” over the last few years, with mobile searches also rising fivefold over the course of two years.

And not only Google is enthusiastic about Mobile Marketing.   According to The State of Marketing 2010 study by Unica, conducted with Salloway and Associates, more than one-third of executives questioned said they already use mobile in their campaigns, stating that the richer interactivity of mobile websites and applications makes it an equal draw to text messaging.

“2010 is shaping up to be an exciting year for marketers. Unprecedented change, brought on by a volatile economy, the rise of new channels and the increased demand for financial accountability, are creating a new era in marketing,” said Paul McNulty, chief marketing officer at Unica.