[Android Experience] “Android is phone for the rest of us”

I was present today at the first Dutch event about the Android-platform, Android Experience 2010. While coming back from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) I have the time to write a blog post about my day and experiences.

There were a lot of keynotes about Android and the mobile market and I will give you the most important information in a few blog posts!

Vincent Everts started the day with his keynote “the importance of openness to innovation”. He went back in time, to the first mobile devices and the companies who played a role. Andy Rubin was the founder of Danger, the company that brought the popular T-Mobile Sidekick on the market. Rubin later founded the company Android out of dissatisfaction, which was subsequently was acquired by Google. We all know how it goes further.

Vincent does have an idea where the mobile world is going to. Android is an elegant OS according to him, it is working on various devices, including Google TV.

With Android we are able to create an inexpensive device under 100, 200 euros. He doesn’t see the competition for Android therefore at the current smartphone manufactures. Android dedicates war to all non-smartphones. It is a device “for the rest of us”. Google monitors, but does not behave like a dictator and has no problems with Apple and corporate stuff like Nokia. Maybe we have to search the Android users in more distant countries. There is the potential. And who is making mooney? The developer but also Google, with mobile advertising.

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  1. I am a great fan of Android, hope they come with a lot of good apps, updates and other stuff this year.

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