[Android Experience] HTC “The strength of Android: The user experience central”

The third keynote was from Mark Moons, Regional Director Benelux HTC.

In the Netherlands are currently seven mobile operating systems in circulation. The consumer makes the choice and looks especially to the subscription. Yet there are, 13 months after the launch of Android, huge differences in market penetration to see:

* Germany: 9.0 percent
* Netherlands: 8.8 percent
* UK: 4.8 percent
* France: 4.75 percent
* Italy: 3.7 percent
* Spain: 2.6 percent

That southern Europe also scores this low scores, comes perhaps because there is less subsidy to get on a device. Also, the harder economic crisis struck in the southern European countries. Android also has something to explain.

Have you seen for example Layar on a device, you should explain that it is works on a HTC device, but not on all HTC’s. And while it works on Android phones, but not at all because there must be a g-sensor in the device.

The platform with a healthy ecosystem and a maximum user experience wins in the long term. HTC is trying to improve that experience with HTC Sense and Scenes. Will it succeed? No idea, but Mark is expected that Android will be the second OS in 2 years.

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