[Android Experience] The mobile future is open: the impact of Android

The second keynote at the Android Experience was from Ed Achterberg (Telecompaper).

Ed Achterberg of Telecompaper described the mobile landscape during his presentation. All ingredients are present for growth. The subscriptions are available, we have the bandwidth and the devices are there.  Today is one of the three units sold a smartphone. The men are taking lead: 25% of men have a smartphone and only 12% of women.

Where do people look at when buying a mobile phone? According to Ed, special offers and subscriptions are the most important factors. The brand itself comes on the third place. One of the reasons for consumers to choose for Android, is the open nature. But the consumer that really does not matter. He has the choice of a closed system (censorship, 1 manufacturer, 1 interface, but guarantee  for quality) or an open system (this is the trend, but does not offer a guarantee of quality).

The challenge for Android is something to do with perception. Android must always ensure that all apps can be used. With the availability from new Android firmware, manufacturers as Sony Ericsson must ensure that they have this new versions available. Otherwise, people will call the customer service angry!

The percentage of smart phones will grow significantly, according to Ed. End 2011 the rate percent will be 30%, but from 1  to 18 years it may be that almost half from the people will buy a smartphone. A closed platform  appears to work best, because you know what you get. Whoever wins, the consumer ultimately determines.

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