Nokia adopts Windows Phone – a threat for the iPhone or Android based smartphones?

Today Nokia and Microsoft have announced a broad partnership. This partnership might have a huge impact on the future development of the smartphone (like the iPhone or Android phones) and tablet markets. It will probably also provide a new point of leverage for mobile operators.

The highlights of this cooperation:

  • Nokia adopts Windows Phone as its principal smartphone platform
  • Bing powers Nokia’s search services
  • Nokia Maps will be the core of Microsoft’s mapping services

The announcement might be good news for many operators, as Nokia and Microsoft will leverage the operator relationships of Nokia to offer integrated mobile billing solutions.

Will this cooperation change the rules of the smartphone market? Will Apple, with its iPhone and iPad, or Google, with its Android platform, change their strategy? It is clear that if both companies put their best competences and assets together, the game of smartphone distribution might change. Nokia has access to the major mobile operators and phone distributors. The new Windows Phone platform receives many favorable reviews (mainly in the US).

The future will tell us whether this new giant will change the smartphone market development. One thing seems clear: the prospects for Windows Phone App developers are much more positive than one year ago.

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