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MobileWeb supports 11.11.11 through SMS campaign

MobileWeb and the mobile partners KPN Group Belgium, Mobistar, Proximus and Telenet join forces and open a short SMS number to collect money for 11.11.11. Clients can send a message to 4666 and donate €1 for the campaign. This year’s action wants to draw attention on climate change and the impact of it on the South. Global warming is threatening the life of people in 3rd World Countries and creates famine and drought for billions of people.

SMS has proven to be a very effective fundraising method. Previous campaigns for the earthquake in Haïti, the flood in Pakistan and the famine in Africa all generated high contributions. MobileWeb supports again free of charge the technical part and is the preferred partner for these kind of actions. We have the knowledge and technical capacity to setup fast and easy SMS-campaigns for organisations. The 11.11.11 campaign was ready and operational in less than 48 hours.

Support 11.11.11 and send a message to 4666!
(from 6 tot 21 November 2011)