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96,1 million SMS on New Year’s Eve

In the last days of 2009, the Belgian mobile operators were anticipating some 100 million SMS messages to be send on New Year’s Eve.  The end result is a bit less but still a record: 96,1 million messages.  One year earlier, that amount was at 78,3 million.

Proximus treated 40,8 million SMS between 20.00 (31 dec.) and 8.00 (1 jan.), which was 13% more than last year.  Mobistar counted 33,04 million messages (+40%) and Base 22,27 million (+19%).

The many formulas that include free SMS could be one cause for the large increase.  There were no major incidents with the mobile network.

Our Dutch neighbours only sent about 70,4 million messages over the networks of KPN (27,7 million), Vodafone (25,2 million) and T-Mobile (17,5 million).

Store your SMS messages forever

Many people store old SMS messages on their mobile.  Romantic messages from your lover, or a sweet message from a friend,…  But often those messages get lost when you buy a new phone.  Sounds familiar?

Now you can save those precious messages on the website  The intiative comes from Alexandre Baudoux, who is also behind 
You simply send the SMS messages to the number 3040.  You also add a password which gives access to your personal smsforever account. 
The website offers the possibility to categorize the messages, to print them and to add pictures.

The first 10 messages are for free.  After that, you can take a subscription for 6 months or a full year for respectively 9 or 15 euro. was developed in collaboration with

SMS helps to stop smoking

When SMS messages are used as an aid to stop smoking, they double the sucess rate.

International research among 2.600 smokers has shown that daily text messages which encourages and advice the smoker can help to stop smoking.  During the test, people who had a tough moment and who were in need of nicotine, could send a SMS message. In return they’d get a message which encourages them to hold on and advice about what to do.
Not only SMS, but also websites and e-mails can help to get rid of the addiction. 
However, most people do not succeed in the end.  Only 5% of the smokers can actually quit without any help.

(Source: HLN)

Telenet starts with combined sales offer

Although combined sales are allowed for a few months now, there aren’t that many offers on the market yet.  Telenet is one of the first large telecom players starting a combined offer.  When ordering a “Walk & Talk 20” subscription at 20 Euro a month, you can choose a mobile phone at 1 Euro.  Among the mobile phones available with the offer, are the Samsung Star, LG Viewty, Sony Ericsson Naite and Nokia 3720.

If other providers are following, we could finally be on our way to a necessary renewal of the Belgian mobile phone park, which has been lagging behind in Europe.


Medicines send sms reminder to patient

Swiss pharma group Novartis is testing a system, developped by Proteus Biomedical, which inserts a chip in the shoulder of the patient and a micro-sized chip in the pills that patient has to take.  if the meds aren’t taken according to the prescription, the patient receives a reminder by SMS, triggered by the chip.  The system would stimulate good use of medicines, thereby increasing the effectiveness.

Pregnant cows send SMS

Pregnant cows informing the farmer by SMS when they’re about to give birth – how sweet!

The device that can make this happen, was introduced at a farmers convention in the French Rennes.  A week before the scheduled birth, a thermometer should be inserted into the cow’s vagina.  This thermometer is attached through sensors to a mobile phone. Twice a day, the farmer is updated about the temperature of the animal.  When the water breaks, the thermometer escapes the animal. The sudden temperature drop activates the system, which sends a SMS to alert the beginning of the birth process to the farmer.


Mobile Internet use in Belgium will triple

According to a new Forrester study, the use of the Mobile Internet in Belgium will triple over the next 5 years.    While now only a mere 9% of Belgian mobile users surf the mobile web, this will be 28% in 2014.  Still, this means Belgium still seriously lags behind in Europe, where an average of 39% is expected.  Our Dutch neighbours would even go up to 47%, almost half of the mobile population.

Forrester gives a few explanations for this bad score:
– First of all, the amount of 3G networks is limited, with Base still not offering anything. 
– Secondly, there is (or rather, was) the ban on combined sales, which meant that smartphones are still expensive and are less prominent than in other countries.
– Thirdly and most important, is the lack of flat rate subscriptions. 

So it’s mostly up to the mobile operators, whether or not they want to give a boost to the mobile internet market.  With profit for voice and text decreasing, one would think they are eager to stimulate this mobile platform…