Archive for the ‘ cases & campaigns ’ Category wins two Mobistar Awards was the big winner at the annual Mobistar Innovation Awards, which took place yesterday at ‘Living Tomorrow’. The prestigious PlazZza Award was acknowledged to the dealer locator for Audi. The emergency alerting platform Helpi was rewarded with the SMS Award., four years of innovation is no stranger at the Mobistar Innovation Awards. This year’s awards follow previous prizes for their Mobile Tools (2004), Laundromat SMS service (2005) and Samsung (2006). Danny Lein, Managing Director of “It is great when important market players are willing to invest in innovative new mobile solutions. With these awards, the sector has recognised these efforts as well. That motivates to continue innovating!”

Audi, find the nearest dealer on your mobile

The winner of the ‘PlazZza Award’ was the Audi Dealer Locator, an application that developed for D’Ieteren. For the first time in Belgium, it is possible to locate the nearest Audi dealer on the Mobile Internet. The application tracks the location of the mobile user through LBS technology. The addresses of the nearest car dealers are then displayed on a graphical map.

Helpi, emergency service at the click of a button

In the category ‘SMS Award’, the prize went to the emergency service of Helpi. Like the Audi application, the Helpi service uses LBS technology to locate the mobile phone user. This way, a person who is in an emergency situation, simply needs to push the pre-programmed Helpi-button on their mobile to inform the emergency services. Frank De Neve, Manager of Helpi: “The strength of this service is its simplicity: one push on a button informs both relatives and emergency services. That is very efficient and saves time in case of an emergency. The Jury particularly liked that aspect.”

Earn money with your mobile has worked with Pumbby on a new project, that allows people to earn revenue with their mobile phone. All you need to do, is accept advertising on your mobile. Mobile subscribers can register on the Pumbby website and decide how many advertisements they wish to receive (with a maximum of 10 per day). For each advertising message that he reads, the consumer can receive up to 44 eurocent. If he completes personal data, such as age, gender, etc… on the website, the advertising will be personalised and as such better targeted.

With the earned revenue, the consumer can buy in the online Pumbby shop (CD, DVD, movie tickets, etc…), or use the money to pay his GSM bill. It’s also possible to transfer the money to his personal bank account.

You can subscribe on


Els De Schepper incorporates SMS in stage show

Yesterday evening, Flemish comedy entertainer Els De Schepper presented her new show ‘Supervrouw’ in the Elisabethzaal in Antwerp. In her new stage show, De Schepper talks about the demands of today’s society for women, who have to be beautiful, smart, funny, happy,… all at once.

In a way to discuss today’s technologies and marketing evolutions, she also incorporated a SMS game in the show, in collaboration with People in the audience were asked to send a SMS message with their idea what Els was still lacking to be a ‘Supervrouw’ (superwoman). Els read the most original ideas directly on her laptop on stage. The woman who replied she only needed “angel wings” was called on her mobile and then brought to stage to receive a prize. is proud to work with one of Flanders’ most talented entertainers to introduce this form of interactivity in her show.

Els De Schepper - Supervrouw

Two interesting beer campaigns has recently collaborated on interesting mobile marketing campaigns for two Belgian beer companies. Do you remember the fun taglines on the Hoegaarden beer coasters? The Belgian brewer has relaunched this campaign, though in a modern version.
In collaboration with you can now send your original tagline via sms to the shortcode 3908 (0,25 EUR/sms). The best entries compete to win 5 cases of Hoegaarden Rosée or Witbier. On the Hoegaarden website it is also possible to send a text, picture or drawing.

Campagne Hoegaarden

Duvel’s TV campaign, including the beautiful imagery of the tornado’s on the fields of grain, can now be watched on the Duvel website. has made it possible to download the music of this campaign on your mobile phone. Simply sms the keyword ‘duvel’ to 3455 (0,15EUR /sms) and you’ll receive a wap push link to the MP3 file (first check if your mobile supports MP3 and is GPRS/WAP compatible).

Campagne Duvel

First banner campaign on PlazZza is the first market player that uses the full advertising possibilities of PlazZza.

With a banner campaign about the services of his client, is delivering a first in Belgium regarding mobile marketing. The banners can be seen on the search pages of PlazZza, the search portal for Mobile Internet sites, launched last year by the Belgian mobile operators.

First banner campaign on PlazZza

PlazZza, portal for the mobile internet
PlazZza offers a platform to give easy access to mobile internet sites in Belgium. On PlazZza, the end-user can choose between several categories in which the WAP sites are listed. Another possibility is sending a free SMS with a certain hitcode to the shortcode 4444. Samsung for example has integrated the hitcode ‘samsung’ in its advertisements. If the consumer sends this hitcode to 4444, he receives by SMS a direct link to the Samsung mobile internet site.

First mobile banner campaign strongly believes in the possibilities of PlazZza regarding mobile marketing. This provider of mobile solutions previously introduced big names on this new mobile platform, among which Samsung and Club Brugge. With a campaign about the new WAP service of, wants to prove that the PlazZza medium is ready for advertising. In collaboration with ScreenTonic, pioneer for mobile publicity in Europe, and the operators Mobistar and Proximus banners were placed on the category and search pages of PlazZza. ScreenTonic previously set up campaigns for, among others, Coca-Cola and Reebok for the successful Gallery, the French counterpart of PlazZza.
“With the coming of larger GSM screens and faster connections, the major obstacles for a mobile platform as PlazZza have been conquered.” explains Danny Lein, Managing Director of “Marketing campaigns on such a medium are the logical next step, and both the market as the consumer are ready for it.”

Mobile blogging… moblog!

A while ago, this blog featured an article on Web 2.0, explaining the impact of the participation of the end-users. The success of blogs and user-driven sites such as YouTube and Wikipedia are textbook examples of the power of Web 2.0

In our business, it’s always interesting to see the convergence of the Internet and mobile communication. Belgian mobile operator Proximus started an interesting new project called ‘moblog’, which allows you to send a picture with your mobile via MMS to a the dedicated shortcode 4488. This picture then gets automatically posted on your ‘mobile blog’ where everyone can see it.

The initiative is targeted a young & dynamic audience and is therefor integrated into the “Pay&Go Generation” subsite. Check out the MobileWeb moblog here.

Proximus Moblog introduces Club Brugge on PlazZza has presented her new mobile internet campaign, which introduces the new mobile site of soccer team Club Brugge on PlazZza, the search engine portal for Mobile Internet sites, recently launched by the Belgian mobile operators. This WAP site contains an informative part as well as interactive services, allowing the user to stay updated by SMS about game results and dates.

Club Brugge on PlazZza

PlazZza and 4444, the new interactive tools for mobile marketing

Club Brugge is one of the innovators that uses the multifunctional marketing possibilities of the PlazZza service. In November, already made headlines with their first PlazZza campaign for telecom giant Samsung.
The consumer can inform himself on Club Brugge by sending a free SMS with the hitcode ‘FCB’ to shortcode 4444. He will then receive a direct link to the mobile site of Club Brugge. He can also easily find this site on the PlazZza portal site.

Club Brugge, top player on the market
“Soccer fans are more and more involved with their favorite team. The site of Club Brugge allows them to stay uo to date on the dates of the games, the results and so much more, just by using their mobile!” explains Kevin Vlerick of GSM Sport, who took care of the design of the mobile site of the premiere league player. The community feeling of the fans is stimulated by the Mobile Fan club, which sends weekly updates with news, discounts and advantages to their mobile., first provider of PlazZza and 4444 in Belgium was in charge of the full integration and organization of this PlazZza campaign for Club Brugge. “Mobile marketing via 4444 and PlazZza is clearly taking off. Following the success of the Samsung Fun Club, Club Brugge is the second large player using the many innovative possibilities that are being offered by this new marketing medium.” adds Danny Lein, Managing Director of
On November 23rd, organised the ‘Web Goes Mobile’ Seminar, where three international case studies were presented on the impact of the Mobile Internet on business & marketing strategies.