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Teenagers most susceptible for mobile ads

Nearly 23% of mobile subscribers, that participated to a recent Nielsen study, have seen a mobile advertising on their mobile in the past 30 days. About half of those have actually responded to the mobile ad.
Teenagers seem to be more susceptible for these ads: 46% remembers the ad, compared to only 29% of the adults.
A quater of all mobile ad viewers have responded at least once by sending a SMS. 9% has followed a link on their GSM to form a specific number. A third of all users in the survey is open for mobile advertising if it reduces their subscription fee. 13% is open for it if it improves the available media and content offer. 14% is OK with it if the ads are relevant for their personal needs.



iPhone users love ads

According to a report by AdMod, iPhone users are more susceptible for mobile advertising.
Ad impressions from US iPhones increased from 1,86 million in October to 6,65 million in November, which represents 0,9 percent of all ads served.
It remains to be seen if the results will remain high or are just a temporary result of the launch of the new device.

More mobile ads cause less respons

Research bureau M:Metrics warns that when mobile ads become too common, respons becomes less. In Europe, more and more mobile subscribers are getting advertising by sms. Spain has the most mobile ads and at the same time the lowest respons rate. On the other hand, there’s the US, where only 17% of mobile users has received sms advertising but 12% respons to them, a lot more than at our side of the Atlantic. When it’s no longer “new”, the interaction of the consumers with the advertisements decreases.
This trend is comparable with e-mail marketing, which has lost a lot of its effectiveness due to excessive use and spam.

Mobile Advertising needs specific audience

Mobile Advertising has great potential. IF it is targeted to a specific audience, that is.That is the conclusion of a survey, done by the British Tickbox, assigned by MaMac. In May 2007, they asked 1400 British mobile phone subscribers about their habits on the mobile internet.

Results show that 13% of the younger generation (16 – 24y) has at least once reacted on a mobile advertising, which is pretty high considering the low amount of mobile advertising that is available for the moment.

The success of each form of mobile advertising is different depending on the age and sex of the viewer. Text ads are most popular, especially with women (60% against 47% with men). Men, on the other hand, are more likely to react on a video ad (22%) than women (12%). Video ads also score higher with 16-24 year-olds, while the category of 25-34y prefers a banner.

The survey clearly shows that mobile advertisers should use a specific approach for their target audience.


First banner campaign on PlazZza is the first market player that uses the full advertising possibilities of PlazZza.

With a banner campaign about the services of his client, is delivering a first in Belgium regarding mobile marketing. The banners can be seen on the search pages of PlazZza, the search portal for Mobile Internet sites, launched last year by the Belgian mobile operators.

First banner campaign on PlazZza

PlazZza, portal for the mobile internet
PlazZza offers a platform to give easy access to mobile internet sites in Belgium. On PlazZza, the end-user can choose between several categories in which the WAP sites are listed. Another possibility is sending a free SMS with a certain hitcode to the shortcode 4444. Samsung for example has integrated the hitcode ‘samsung’ in its advertisements. If the consumer sends this hitcode to 4444, he receives by SMS a direct link to the Samsung mobile internet site.

First mobile banner campaign strongly believes in the possibilities of PlazZza regarding mobile marketing. This provider of mobile solutions previously introduced big names on this new mobile platform, among which Samsung and Club Brugge. With a campaign about the new WAP service of, wants to prove that the PlazZza medium is ready for advertising. In collaboration with ScreenTonic, pioneer for mobile publicity in Europe, and the operators Mobistar and Proximus banners were placed on the category and search pages of PlazZza. ScreenTonic previously set up campaigns for, among others, Coca-Cola and Reebok for the successful Gallery, the French counterpart of PlazZza.
“With the coming of larger GSM screens and faster connections, the major obstacles for a mobile platform as PlazZza have been conquered.” explains Danny Lein, Managing Director of “Marketing campaigns on such a medium are the logical next step, and both the market as the consumer are ready for it.”