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MyTVBuddy, the first pan-European Social TV app now available on iPad

Today we unveiled our iPad app MyTVBuddy. MyTVBuddy brings Social TV to a next level!


We are proud to present the first European Social TV iPad application that will allow users to explore, interact, engage and participate in big live TV moments. Users can check in to TV programs, watch videos, post messages on Facebook, share Twitter messages, participate to conversations on the internal chat and see where other users are located.

Special Launch Edition – Eurovision 2011

The first event that is covered on MyTVBuddy is Eurovision Song Contest which will take place on 10, 12 and 14th May. With over 120 million television viewers, Eurovision Song Contest confirms its status as Europe’s favorite TV show. MyTVBuddy brings the Eurovision experience closer to the fans with an integrated feature set.

  • The fans are the jury since they can rate every performance. The result of the user votes is aggregated in the ‘Ranking’ section. Also the official ranking can be found here at the end of each show.
  • Eurovision fans will find all relevant and necessary information about the artists at their fingertips including picture galleries, video channels and the latest news updates.

More info on the MyTVBuddy Website:

The application was an initiative of E-ZONE
MobileWeb was in charge of the development.

Link to official press release:

iPad app ‘Second Screen-Come Dine With Me’ (Tweede Scherm – Komen Eten) on nr 1 in the Belgian Appstore.

On its release day yesterday, 7th March, the iPad app reached already the first place in the Belgian Appstore.

The app is free available for download. As such, a lot of users were curious to do so.
In addition, the app received a lot of positive comments which resulted in an excellent score of 4.5/5.

Yesterday was also the first real test case, since the new season of ‘Komen Eten’ headed off. Some press comments can be read below.

Note: we are also pleased to see that the paid iPad app ‘DeStandaard’ is a real ‘top 10 – stayer’. Thanks to all the readers!

De Standaard (8 maart 2011)

De Morgen (7 maart 2011)

MobileWeb launches iPad app ‘Second Screen – Come Dine With Me’ (Tweede Scherm – Komen Eten) for SBS Belgium.

MobileWeb is proud to announce the launch of the iPad app of Tweede Scherm – Komen Eten (‘Come Dine With Me’ international TV format).

The Second Screen social TV iPad app offers viewers an interactive experience while watching television. First, it gives the viewer additional background information, such as pictures, bios, related articles. Secondly, they can participate to the show: they can rate other candidates with regards to food and atmosphere. Finally and one of the key elements of this innovative iPad app is the interactivity component: viewers are able to comment and chat with each other on what they see, feel and hear. At the same time the Twitter and Facebook conversations are integrated as well. ‘Komen Eten’ is the first format on ‘Tweede Scherm’, other formats and platforms will follow.


This ‘social TV’ application is the first in its kind in Belgium, if not in Europe. Last year ABC was one of the first TV broadcasters who started experimenting with second screen applications. Also other American programs and TV stations followed. However, in Europe the trend hasn’t broke through (yet), although experts expect the next few months to be the turning point for Social TV. David Rowan, the Editor of Wired magazine has named Social TV at number three of six in his peek into 2011 and what tech trends to expect to get traction. TV is inherently social – and Social Media is a conduit. Put them together in a workable, ergonomic way and the convergence will have impact.


This innovative application has been developed in a couple of weeks time. The development cycle has been short as the application was developed on the MobileWeb Mobile Publishing platform. This platform offers media companies and publishers a fast track to get their content on a variety of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). If you wish to receive more information about our Mobile Publishing Platform and services, please send a mail to

Tablets & Media: Beyond the Hype

We were present at Medianet Vlaanderen’s seminar Tablets & Media (24/2/2011)

During this event we shared 6 key insights based on our experiences:

#1 Tablets are Much Bigger than you Think

#2 What’s More, it’s Huge in the Enterprise as well

#3 For the Consumer it’s all about Consuming Media

#4 Monetization is More than Paid Downloads

#5 It’s not about HTML5 or Native Apps, but about User Experience

#6 The Rise of Second Screen Apps

SBS Belgium and MobileWeb launching the ‘Tweede Scherm’ application for VT4 and VijfTV in March

Yesterday during the presentation of the new TV season of VT4 and VijfTV, SBS Belgium showcased the ‘Tweede Scherm’ app. The application will be launched in the App store as from March. This goes together with the start of a new  ‘Komen Eten’ season on VT4.

SBS Belgium and MobileWeb have developed “Tweede Scherm” which offers viewers a second screen experience while watching television. This ‘Tweede Scherm’ is built around four principles. First, it gives the viewer additional background information on the programs. Secondly, they can participate. For example, they can rate the other candidates of Komen Eten with regards to food and atmosphere. Also interaction gets a big focus in the Tweede Scherm app. People can comment and chat with each other on what they see, feel and hear. And, the twitter and facebook conversations about the format can also be followed easily. Last parameter is a naturally integrated approach of advertising, contests and sponsorships.

Tweede Scherm will function both for VT4 as Vijf TV.
As from March available in the App Store!

Web Goes Mobile 2010 Press Coverage

Last week the Web Goes Mobile seminar – Tablets: New Business for Media – welcomed publishers, media companies, advertisers and operators to inform them with the latest insights on mobile publishing.

To catch up with press coverage of the event, MobileWeb encourages you to read:

Belgian Cowboys
Le Soir
The Mobile Revolution

Please visit our website to check out the presentations, videos with speakers and pictures.

Another N°1 app

StuBru app reached N° 1 free app in the Belgian iTunes Store after just 1 day!

Reviews (Dutch):

  • iPhone app van @StuBru is een topper ! Meteen multitask ondersteunig. Twitteren en StuBru op de achtergrond. #omdathetkan
  • Nieuw: Studio Brussel heeft een IPhone app. Nu nog een goeie roadtest bij een treinreis of zo… #StuBru.
  • eindelijk… de stubru app die op geen enkele ipod touch/iphone/ipad mag ontbreken 😉 werkt perfect! Great work 😉
  • Zeer mooie applicatie, letterlijk dan. Volledig geoptimaliseerd voor het nieuwe Retina display. Makkelijk te navigeren en zeker voldoende lees- en kijkmateriaal.