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Android shows strong growth and has more than 50% market share in the US

Devices running Google’s Android mobile operating system encompassed more than half of all U.S. smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2010 according to market research firm NPD Group. Android increased its U.S. market share lead to 53 percent as 2010 closed, up 9 percentage points over Q3–Apple’s iOS slipped 4 percentage points to account for 19 percent of sales, tied with Research In Motion’s  BlackBerry (down 2 percentage points). NPD notes that Microsoft’s legacy Windows Mobile OS dropped 3 points to 4 percent of the U.S. market, while its new Windows Phone 7 debuted at 2 percent, deadlocked with Palm’s webOS. The firm adds that Windows Phone 7 claimed a smaller market share at launch than either Android or webOS during their respective debuts.

Apple’s iPhone 4 was the best-selling mobile phone in the U.S. during the fourth quarter, followed in descending order by Motorola’s Droid X, HTC’s Evo 4G, the iPhone 3GS and Motorola’s Droid 2. For the first time ever, NPD’s quarterly Top Five sales chart did not include a feature phone device.

Android is now the top-selling smartphone OS worldwide as well–Android unit shipments surpassed Symbian device shipments for the first time in the fourth quarter according to data issued technology analysis firm Canalys. Android shipments topped 33.3 million in Q4, translating to a 32.9 percent share of the global smartphone market, Canalys reports; a year earlier, Android shipments represented just 8.7 percent of the worldwide market, a 615.1 percent leap. Symbian shipments grew from 23.9 million in Q4 2009 to 31.0 million in the most recent quarter–however, its worldwide market share plummeted from 44.4 percent to 30.6 percent during that time.

iPhone shipments increased from 8.7 million in Q4 2009 to 16.2 million a year later–its smartphone market share slipped from 16.3 percent to 16.0 percent. BlackBerry fell from 20.0 percent market share to 14.4 percent as device shipments increased from 10.7 million to 14.6 million–Windows Phone also stumbled, w market share falling from 7.2 percent to 3.1 percent as smartphone shipments decreased from 3.9 million in Q4 2009 to 3.1 million a year later. Total worldwide smartphone shipments surpassed 101.2 million in the fourth quarter, up 89 percent year-over-year.

Source: FierceMobileContent


Het Nieuwsblad and L’Avenir iPad apps live in the AppStore

Het Nieuwsblad and L’Avenir are available since Wednesday December 21st in the iTunes AppStore. Both apps have been developed by the mobile publishing team of MobileWeb. The apps are free for a number of weeks, thanks to ING.

Multiple regional editions and unique Flipboard type webmagazine

Both apps allow to read the daily newspaper swiftly on the iPad. On top they have many unique and innovative features:

  • Multiple regional editions are available (16 for Het Nieuwsblad, 9 for L’avenir)
  • A new-style webmagazine, inspired on the successful Flipboard interface, offers most recent news across a variety of categories
  • Subscribers have easy access to their newspaper (Het Nieuwsblad)
  • For L’avenir, users can buy prepaid packs easily through iTunes at discounted prices
  • Breaking news is available with a single click

Download here the iPad application of Het Nieuwsblad
Download here the iPad application of L’avenir

Discover the unique features in these short videos

Screenshot of the iPad app of Het Nieuwsblad:

Het Nieuwsblad iPad app

Screenshot of the iPad app of L’avenir:

L'avenir iPad app

WGM10: The Afterparty

Thank YOU for a great event with highlevel international keynotes

Zeer interessant event met sprekers van niveau, ideale halve dag formule

Dank voor een rijke, inspirerende ochtend

goede sprekers, goede inhoud fijne lunch.


These were only a few of the many positive feedback we received yesterday. Hereby we would like to thank our keynote speakers, pecha kucha presenters, our sponsors, the Business Faculty, the helping hands from the MobileWeb team and of course all the participants for their presence and participation to the debate.

Presentations will be available at the end of the week on

Check also the results of our poll – Will the iPad do to publishing what the iPod has done to music?


WGM 2010 – Program Update – Pecha Kucha Sessions

We are glad to announce the first 2 Pecha Kucha sessions on the Web Goes Mobile seminar.

Pecha Kucha (Part I)

Tablets as a second screen, future possibilities
By Lode Nachtergaele
VRT-medialab, Business Architect


Smartphone and tablet advertising, first findings
By Matthieu Vercruysse
Aegis Media, Consumer Insight Manager


Tablets: A second life for publishers?
Juan Señor, Partner, Innovation Media Consulting

The growing popularity of connected devices, especially Apple’s iPad, are starting to change the way people consume media. This opening presentation frames the big picture with the latest trends about tablets and the mobile media revolution. With an extensive experience in consulting news & media companies Juan will draw us a perfect picture of how media content should be represented on tablets.

The iPad: a new device, a new approach for Sanoma Digital
Joris van Heukelom, Director Digital Publishing, Sanoma Digital

Sanoma Digital is market leader in terms of digital publishing in The Netherlands. Joris will share with us the first experiences of their app strategy for and Autoweek. He will also provide his vision on how mobile publishing will give access to new sources of revenue for magazine publishers or media at large.

Hope is not a strategy – how to develop a mobile publishing strategy
Steve Wing, Head of Mobile and Digital Attraction, The Guardian

The growing popularity of connected devices, especially Apple’s iPad, are starting to change the way people consume media. This opening presentation frames the big picture with the latest trends about tablets and the mobile media revolution. With an extensive experience in consulting news & media companies Juan will draw us a perfect picture of how media content should be represented on tablets.


WGM 2010 – Last chance for early birds today

— update 15/11: today is the last day for Early Bird Registration. Register today and save 50,- EUR on your entrance fee.

On December 8th 2010 MobileWeb organizes the 5th edition of the Web Goes Mobile seminar. The main theme of this year’s event is “Tablets: new business for media?”.

We are very proud to announce the full program on which includes 3 top international speakers:

  • Juan Senor (Innovation Media Consulting)
  • Joris van Heukelom (Sanoma Digital)
  • Steve Wing (The Guardian)

Will the iPad transform the reading habits of consumers the same way that the iPod changed how people listen to music? How can you make money on these new platforms? Should you be the first mover, or rather a fast follower?
Join us on December 8th, and learn about the most recent developments in this nascent market of tablets.

Registrations are open as from today. Please book early as places are limited. Early birds get a significant reduction on the entrance fee.

Steve Jobs: New Tablets From Rivals Will Be “DOA: Dead On Arrival”

Steve Jobs just called out the tablet competition in Apple’s earnings call. First, Jobs balked at the idea that an “avalanche” of iPad rivals were coming this year. He said it’s just a “handful” of credible rivals. And then he took a shot at those potential rivals. He said all the new tablets coming from rivals this year will be “DOA, dead on arrival.”

His primary reasons:

  • Too many are looking at making seven-inch tablets, which are just too small. Jobs says a seven inch tablet isn’t 70% of the size of an iPad.  Because it’s measured diagonally, it’s actually 45% smaller.You’d also need to include sandpaper so people could make their fingers smaller,” to use these smaller tablets.
  • Many are going to use Android, which even Google says isn’t ready for prime-time on tablets. This means you get no apps with your Android tablet from this year.

In the Q&A with analysts, Jobs followed up and said, “We’ve got a tiger by the tail here,” in regards to the iPad and tablet market.

Mobile Messaging Latest news: Telenet, GOF Guidelines and special characters in SMS

MobileWeb announces today 2 important upgrades of our SMS messaging platform:

  • The implementation of Telenet as a separate mobile operator
  • Complete support of special characters such as €, é, à, … in SMS messages

We hereby also inform you officially that as from October 15th 2010 modified GOF Guidelines will apply to SMS services in Belgium. Additionally we introduce you to our new team members.

Finally, please note in your agenda that we organize the 5th edition of the Web Goes Mobile Seminar on Wednesday December 8th, under the theme: « Tablets : new business for media ? »

Telenet : fourth mobile operator

Telenet : fourth mobile operatorSince October 11th, Telenet has become a full MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This implies that Telenet will now manage on its own infrastructure and billing systems its mobile subscribers. Gradually Telenet will migrate its 170.000 mobile subscribers, who are currently handled by Mobistar, to its own systems.

For you, as a customer, this will not have any impact during the first year. MobileWeb has obtained special conditions for you with Telenet, who stay valid until September 30th 2011 :

  • No extra shortcode fees will be applied
  • You receive refunds or cash collection amounts who are equivalent to the ones from Mobistar

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, MobileWeb has prepared the past weeks this technical and administrative migration :

  • The technical connection with the Telenet SMS Platform is now fully operational and tested,
  • All existing shortcodes have been activated on this platform and tested by our teams
  • Premium SMS customers will receive as from november 2010 separate refunds or cash collection amounts for Telenet as a separate operator.

Modified GOF Guidelines as from October 15th 2010

Modified GOF Guidelines as from October 15th 2010

Starting October 15th, the Belgian mobile operators will apply modified GOF Guidelines. The key changes of this new version :

  • Treshold of 25 euro alert: Service Provider have to send a free message when the usage per shortcode and per calendar month exceeds 25 euro (effective as from January 1st 2011) (article B2.2)
  • Premium WAP Push messages are not allowed any longer (B.3.2)
  • Subscription services, initiated on the web, have to follow more strict rules in communicating the first opt-in (B.2.5.1)

Please read the entire text of these modified guidelines on our site

Complete support a special characters in SMS

Complete support a special characters in SMS Since October 7th, all SMS connectivity services of MobileWeb support a much broader set of characters in the SMS messages. As a result you can now without any problem send SMS containing characters €, é, è, à, @,…

This character set is supported on all mobile operators and is know as GSM 03.38. A more complete description is available on this link.