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Warner sees challenge for mobile internet

Talking at the 3GSM congress in Barcelona, Edgar Bronfman, CEO of Warner Music, sees many challenges for the <a href=””Mobile Internet as a music distributor. He pointed out that, while most mobile phones are now capable of playing and storing music, only 8,5% of the end-users are actually using these phones to buy music. “Why only 8,5%?” Bronfman asked out loud, “I’ll tell you why: it’s expensive, it’s complicated and it’s slow”.

It is a challenge for the mobile industry to make it affordable, easy and quick to download tones and songs as well as new music experiences – including video – to the mobile phones. To reach such a potential, Bronfman argued the offering needs to contain more than just better devices, services and prices. Warner wants to create new experiences, to include video, artwork, text and more. Beyond that, they want to create a constant flow of products and information from artists so consumers can stay connected regularly to their favorite artists, via their favorite carrier.

Bronfman also reached out to the mobile manufacturer to collaborate on these challenges. He denounced the often inadequate interfaces and the many mobile platforms that are not capable of handling the most basic content configurations, such as buying a simple ringtone.
“We know the basic technology exists to overcome the obstacles the industry faces today. Now it’s just a matter of putting it to work, […] to meet the customer hopes and expectations, and to fulfill the emerging demand.”
“We have the chance to redefine the way people access, share and enjoy their music”

Edgar Bronfman


3 billion mobile users in 2008

By 2008 no less than 3 billion people in the world will have a mobile phone.
At least that’s what Thomas Ganswindt, CEO of Siemens Communications, announced at the 3GSM congress, the largest telecom event which took place last tuesday in Barcelona.

This would mean that the number of mobile phone users will be the double of the number of users on the fixed phone networks.
Most of those GSM users will be situated in Asia (1,25 billion), followed by Western Europe (518 million), Eastern Europe (361 million), South America (344 million), North America (292 million) and Africa (202 million).

In Western eUROPE the data services will become increasingly important. Siemens wants to play a leading role on the market of wireless networks, introducing new products that respond to the new tendancies of the market.