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Google Analytics now available for mobile apps

Google announced its free web traffic data tool Google Analytics is now available for iPhone and Android applications, enabling more efficient measurement of mobile marketing efforts.

According to Google, developers can now track how users engage with their apps in respect to both pageviews and events – Google Analytics aggregates data in Content reports to display the number of visits, session length and bounce rates.

“Developers can also track visitor actions that don’t correspond directly to pageviews using Event Tracking,” writes Google mobile ads team member Meredith Papp on the Official Google Mobile Blog. “These user actions can include views of embedded videos, button clicks, downloads and more. App developers can then use this data to understand which features are most popular and inform decisions about which features should be promoted or prioritized for further development.”

The expanded Google Analytics service also tracks mobile websites, offering insight into traffic generated via any web-enabled device, regardless of whether the device runs JavaScript.

Source: FierceMobile, more at Google’s Mobile ¬†Blog

AdMod launches Mobile Analytics

AdMod, known for its Mobile Advertising network, has announced AdMod Mobile Analytics, a new service that statistics and audience measurement for mobile sites. The free tool allows to measure unique visitors amount, duration of visit and page performance as well as user details including geography, operator and device model.

Press release

The announcement comes a few days after¬†Nedstat had announced the same kind of service, also called Mobile Analytics…