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Tablets & Media: Beyond the Hype

We were present at Medianet Vlaanderen’s seminar Tablets & Media (24/2/2011)

During this event we shared 6 key insights based on our experiences:

#1 Tablets are Much Bigger than you Think

#2 What’s More, it’s Huge in the Enterprise as well

#3 For the Consumer it’s all about Consuming Media

#4 Monetization is More than Paid Downloads

#5 It’s not about HTML5 or Native Apps, but about User Experience

#6 The Rise of Second Screen Apps

MobileWeb Radio App in Top 10 Best Android Apps in the Netherlands

The MobileWeb Radio App has been chosen by AndroidWorld as one of the Top 10 best Android Apps in the Netherlands.
This radio app allows to listen to your favorite music station everywhere you are. Not only the national stations are available, but also many local radio stations.

Top 10 best Android App Netherlands

Web Goes Mobile 4 – The presentations

You can view/download the presentations of Web Goes Mobile 4 on Slideshare:

Comscore – Alistair Hill

Microsoft – Didier Ongena

London Calling – Andrew Grill

Pecha Kucha session:

Touring Mobilis – Steven Logghe

Netlog – Louis Jonckheere

Mobillion – Marc Schoutens

Corelio – Joris De Lannoy

MobileWeb – Danny Lein

LG Application Store launches with 1,400 apps

Yet another App Store has been launched.  This time by LG Electronics. 
The LG Application Store was introduced yesterday, starting off with 1.400 mobile apps available, of which some 100 free of charge.  The beta version is only available in certain test markets, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Australia and is expected to expand to Europe and South America before the end of 2009. LG said it has not yet determined when the store will open in the U.S.

More info here.


BlackBerry announces U2 mobile album

A teaser on the BlackBerry website announces a mobile album for the popular Irish rock band U2.  It seems to concern the latest album No Line On The Horizon, and the supporting 360 Tour, which kicked off earlier this week.  If we can believe the teaser, BlackBerry users will not only be able to listen to the songs and get news on the album and the tour, but he’ll also have social networking tools to “show the world what the music means to you” and “experience the tour from all angles”.  Not very clear whether this is an app or a mobile site… more info to be announced.


Erotic iPhone apps: yes or no?

Last week, the discussion about whether or not erotic/porn mobile apps should be allowed in the Apple App Store lit up again.  The App Hottest Girls seemed to had made it through Apple’s strict censorship controls, even though it showed erotic images of – you guessed it – the hottest girls.
As the developers got a bit too euphoric and exclaimed having ‘the  first officially sanctioned iTunes app to contain topless photos’, it soon created a buzz and ended up being censored by Apple after all.

While some claim that the App Store should remain ‘clean’ of such applications, others are argumenting that it’s useless to censor out erotic/porn from the apps, while the iPhone allows Internet access to plenty of that.  The latest iPhone model also allows to set parental controls and age restrictions.

Besides, how long will Apple resist to include the most profitable content there is in the online world?

So erotic apps on your iPhone, yes or no?  Leave a comment and give us your say.


Digital business card: my name is E

With social networks and digital accounts gaining popularity, the traditional paper business card is becoming old fashioned.  Not only do you need to copy all the info manually, it also doesn’t offer all the digital identity data, such as LinkedIn or Skype profiles.

That’s where the E-technology comes in, allowing to exchange contact data with your mobile phone.   Simply create one or more digital business cards on the mobile site  If you and your business partner both have an ‘E’, you simply enter the name of your business contact and all data of both profiles are exchanged and saved online.  On your E-Card, you can not only enter the traditional coordinates, such as company, function, address, phone  number and e-mail, but also your accounts on social networks (LinkedIn, …), media sharing services (Flickr, Youtube, …), instant messengers and even gaming accounts (Xbox Live, PlayStation Network).

E, the Dutch company behind the technology (which started as a graduation project), is working on an app for Windows Mobile,  iPhone,  Symbian, Android and the new WebOS of Palm, allowing to simply and quickly manage and exchange the E-Card with your smartphone.

The letter E stands for whatever meaning the users would like it to have. E can be emotion. Evolution. Everybody. Everything.