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Book: Mobile Web Design

I took some time on my Monday morning to finish Cameron Moll’s book ‘Mobile Web Design’.  Here at MobileWeb, we already have good experience in mobile web design, so I’ve put our mobile campaigns to the test, as described in this book.  Glad to report we seem to be doing a good job! 🙂  Still, Cameron Moll gives great insights and lots of tips & tricks to everyone who is, or wants to be, involved in designing for the mobile phone.    Importantly, Moll doesn’t just stress the do’s and don’ts, but also points out that for mobile web design a different approach is needed than for web design.  After all, many people see the mobile site as just an extension of their internet site and forget that a mobile phone user on a bus or walking down the street has a different kind of user experience than someone at his desk behind his laptop.  That must be kept in mind when designing for the mobile web.

You can order ‘Mobile Web Design’ here.  Available both in PDF e-book and print paperback.

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