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City of Waterloo introduces new SMS service

The city of Waterloo isn’t new to SMS services.  In the past, it was already possible to receive cultural tips by SMS, but the supplier of that service went bankrupt.

Now Waterloo has collaborated with Systemat – an applications developer, active on the platform – for a new SMS service.  The city will have a “super admin” account, allowing to give out logins and passwords to other community services that wish to use SMS communication with the citizens.

In a first phase, the SMS application will be used to inform students of the music academy, for ex. when a teacher is ill or when a class has been postponed.  Following, there’ll be several other applications, for schools, community services, etc.  There’ll also be an integration into the community website, to add the SMS communication channel online. 


Belgium sends 78,3 million SMS on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve has broken its own record again.  During the night of 31 December 2008 to 1 January 2009, a total of 78,3 million SMS messages were sent out in Belgium.  That’s a staggering 19 million more than one year earlier.  Most of these were sent between 23.45 and 00.45.

Proximus clients sent 36 million text messages (including 10 million delivery confirmations), which is 27% more than last year (28,3 million).
23,6 million messages were for the account of Mobistar subscribers, which is an increase of 30,4% compared to 2007-2008 (18,1 million).
And Base treated 18,7 million SMS, which is an increase of no less than 44% compared to last year (12,9 million).

To handle the massive SMS communication, the mobile operators had taken several precautions. Proximus had activated a 5th SMS central, which allowed to treat in total 96.000 messages per minute.  Mobistar increased their SMS server capacity to 124.000 messages per minute.  No real problems were detected.


Mobile communication in Belgium on the rise

In 2006 people in Belgium called more than the year before. Especially mobile phoning is on the rise. If the trend is kept up this year, the mobile phone use might beat the fixed phone. Those are the conclusions of the annual report of the Advising Committee for Telecommunication in Belgium.

While in 2005 the amount of call minutes had risen only 1,7%, it rose another 6,5% in 2006. Together we called each other for 24,86 billion minutes. 46% of those calls, or 11,4 billion minutes, were made with a mobile phone. In 2005 that number was still below 10 billion. This augmentation is caused by the growing amount of mobile subscribers on the one hand, and the existing subscribers called more on the other hand.
Of course the GSM is not just popular for calling only: in 2006 there were about 4,5 billion sms text messages exchanged, which comes down to an average of 477 per mobile subscriber.

(Source: De Standaard)

Mobile communication in Belgium on the rise