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De Standaard HD on iPad: a success after launch!

The new iPad optimised app of De Standaard hit in no time the top of the download charts in the Apple app store. With overall very positive feedback, we can call the app a big success.

Check out the below (Dutch) reviews and comments. And try the app yourself, to see it with your own eyes! Link app store.

Review on The Mobile Revolution – link

Review by Captain Gadget on radio station Studio Brussel – link

Review {DefV}’s rant – link

Some reactions on Twitter 

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MobileWeb develops New Mobile site De Standaard

Today De Standaard released a new version of its mobile website. remains the fastest and easiest way to check the latest news updates on the road via your mobile phone. MobileWeb has developed the mobile site and continues to expand its mobile publishing platform.

The new version is an answer on the growing number of smartphones on the Belgian market, the improved performance of mobile devices and availability of faster wireless connections. The service comes free of charge and offers the same content as the full web version of De Standaard Online. An enhanced interface design for faster access on all mobile phones and a search function, makes it easy to browse through the different topics. The extra focus on weather forecasts and real-time traffic info, makes the site an indispensable tool for everyone who wants to stay informed at all times.

With more vivid images and social media integration, so users can easily share articles on their Facebook & Twitter accounts, the site evolves to a closer version of the full web site not giving in on speed and readability on small screen devices.

Go to via the browser of your mobile phone and experience the news as you are used to. Anywhere, anytime.

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Picture quality strongly improved in iStandaard iPad application

At the launch of the iStandaard app we received a lot of comments that the pictures in the newspaper were poor low quality.
That’s right. Tonight we have improved the graphic quality of the pictures in the newspaper. The result is amazing. Check it out!

De Standaard iPad app, developed by MobileWeb, now in AppStore

The new iPad app of De Standaard is now available in the iTunes AppStore. With this new version De Standaard has taken an important next step into the e-reader and digital newspaper market, by combining its attractive content with its digital subscription system. The design and development of the app was done by MobileWeb (

What’s New In Version 2.0

  • The application is a Universal App, with functionality both for iPhone and iPad
  • You can download the entire “De Standaard” newspaper and all of its supplements (free for subscribers, only €0.79 during weekdays or €1.59 during the weekend through an in-app purchase).
  • On a daily best the best newspictures in your personal EyeWitness report (only on iPad)
  • Offline reading of your newspaper
  • Saving your favorite articles
  • Enhanced speed in downloading the latest news

Some screenshots to illustrate the new features:

You can download this version here.

e-reading award for iPhone and iPad app De Standaard

During the first e-reading event, De Standaard has received the first e-reading award for its iPhone and iPad application, in the category “newspaper and magazines”. De Tijd and Gazet Van Antwerpen were the other nominees.

Both the iPhone and iPad application are developed by MobileWeb. We congratulate De Standaard with this recognition from the market for their innovative efforts!

Click here for more info.

The iPad, the saving of the newspaper industry?

This week we received our long awaited iPads. One of the 450.000 that were sold in the first days.

We have to admit that we are thrilled by the capabilities of this tablet device: the ease-of-use, the great multi-touch screen, the speed (what a difference with the iPhone!). We are also very surprised to see already a large number of newspaper apps in the AppStore.

Many major publishers have endorsed the iPad and have announced products for it, including Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan, and some of the publications already available include Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, GQ, Popular Science, and The New York Times.

Le Monde has made a great newspaper reader, with lots of additonal features and  a comprehensible payment model (in-app purchase or linked to a subscription):

Le Monde iPad App Rackspace

Le Monde iPad App Rackspace

Le Monde iPad App Double Page View

Le Monde iPad App Double Page View

Le Monde iPad App Article Details

Le Monde iPad App Article Details

USA Today has made the most use of all the new iPad specific features, amongst others: various screen elements, interactive advertising formats (including video),…

USA Today iPad App Home Page

USA Today iPad App Home Page

USA Today iPad App Video Advertising Mariott

USA Today iPad App Video Advertising Mariott

The Guardian has published a remarkable picture slideshow “Day in Pictures” format called “The Guardian Eyewitness”:

The Guardian Eyewitness iPad App

The Guardian Eyewitness

The Guardian iPad App

The iPad also allows to display all the existing iPhone apps of newspapers. For De Standaard this looks like follows (normal size, and double pixel size):

De Standaard iPhone App on iPad

De Standaard iPhone App on iPad

De Standaard iPhone App on iPad 2x

De Standaard iPhone App on iPad 2x

The user experience is acceptable, but it is clear that a more adapted iPad app brings a lot more features and possibilities to bring emotion to the readers.

With the announcement of the introduction of the iAd, Apple aims to transform the market of (mobile?) advertising which might further bring new sources of revenues to the newspaper companies.

Can a paid iPhone App contain advertising?

As a result of the recent launch of De Standaard iPhone App, a heavy debate is going on about the fact that this premium News App contains advertising. It raises many interesting issues:

  • to which extent can a paid App contain advertising? Or should advertising only be included in free Apps?
  • what is the correct price of a “no-advertising-please” App? Apparently some users state that they would be willing to pay even more NOT to see any advertising.
  • what type of “sponsoring” is more acceptable/less acceptable: eg mobile coupons with clear advantages versus mobile banners

Please post your points of view on the LinkedIn Web Goes Mobile discussion forum or via Twitter #wgm4.