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Send mobile pictures to your digital frame

We all know the digital picture frame, that visualizes our pictures, stored on its memory card.  The T-Mobile Cameo device promises to make this technology a bit more dynamic and exciting.  This picture frame has a build-in modem and even its own phone number.  This allows to send your mobile pictures via MMS to the frame.  Even when you’re on holidays and the frame is on standing in your living room at home.  You can also send your pictures to the frame of a friend, if that frame is configured to allow your pictures.  A very nice way to share your pictures, indeed!

The Cameo frame became available in the US this month and most reviews agree that it works pretty much as advertised, although some tests revealed a few minor hiccups. 
One downside however is that you need a permanent connection for the frame, which is only offered by T-Mobile for the monthly fee of $10.  So you have to be sure you’ll use it enough to keep it worth the cost.  And of course, the frame only works on places that have T-Mobile coverage.

I haven’t yet heard of any European providers of this technology.  If you know one, leave me a comment.

T-Mobile Cameo picture frame