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SMS another car driver

Every week, I spend – like many of us – hours in traffic jams. The driving style of others can be a real cause of frustration. So often I wished I could tell the driver in the car next to me to turn off his signal light when going straight forward. Or to turn it on when he’s actually turning. Or to signal that his light is not working properly. Or to warn that his freight is loosening. Gestures are often well meant but misinterpreted. I’m sure you’ve nodded in recognition at least once.

Frustrated? SMS another car driver

An initiative that wants to give an answer to this, is DISY. This service, powered by MobileWeb, allows to send a SMS message to the other driver.
How does it work? First of all, if you want to allow people to contact you, you have to sign up for the Disy service. Subscription is free of charge and you just have to connect your license plate to your mobile phone number or your e-mail address.

To send a message to a Disy driver, you use the website (free of charge) or you send a SMS message, containing the license plate and the message, to the shortcode 3479 (€ 0,50 euro/sms). You’ll notice that if you type disy on your mobile phone, you use the number 3479 🙂

Since the messages pass by the Disy platform, the users don’t get to see each other’s phone number or mail address, so there’s no privacy issue.
Of course, this system only works for people who are subscribed… So all register quickly on and start chatting on the road! But drive safely!