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Tablets & Media: Beyond the Hype

We were present at Medianet Vlaanderen’s seminar Tablets & Media (24/2/2011)

During this event we shared 6 key insights based on our experiences:

#1 Tablets are Much Bigger than you Think

#2 What’s More, it’s Huge in the Enterprise as well

#3 For the Consumer it’s all about Consuming Media

#4 Monetization is More than Paid Downloads

#5 It’s not about HTML5 or Native Apps, but about User Experience

#6 The Rise of Second Screen Apps

Consumer doesn’t want to pay for mobile music

A few months ago, we discussed how mobile music is evolving from ring tones to new music services.   However, it’s not easy to find the right model to generate revenue in this market.

In September, the iPhone app Spotify was launched to the Apple app store, allowing users to access music playlists on their phone as part of the £9.99 ad-free monthly subscription.  However, the reactions were very mixed.  From the 1800 consumer reviews on the first day of the launch, there were 400 people giving the maximum of 5 stars, but no less than 1100 giving it only one star.
According to a survey among readers of the British website, 2 out of 3 is not willing to pay for streaming music. 

Mark Mulligan, VP and research director at Forrester Research, said the mobile music market is a tough challenge and no one has yet cracked it. “Consumers have generally said they have no appetite for paying for streaming music and there’s endless evidence that they won’t buy music they don’t own. So realistically, for Spotify, the aspiration should be to convert a small number of people to premium via the mobile app,” he said.

But a Spotify spokesman told NewMediaAge the company wasn’t surprised by consumers’ responses to the app. “We always knew the majority of users would stay on the free service,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of traffic from people used to free illegal downloads, so they expect us to be free. We’ve only launched on the iPhone and Android for now, so that’s just a small percentage of the market, although we’re confident a fair number will upgrade.”

Meanwhile, Napster, the illegal-gone-legal music service has reacted to the Spotify launch by halving the price of its streaming service to £5 a month. 

Who will win this competition?  Or will consumers stick to their illegal downloads, still found everywhere online…?

2 billion app downloads; which are the best?

This past Monday, Apple announced that more than 2 billion mobile apps have been downloaded from its Apple App Store.  There are now more than 85,000 apps available to the more than 50 million iPhone and iPod touch customers worldwide and over 125,000 developers in Apple’s iPhone Developer Program.

So there’s now an app for virtually everything, from flashlights and silly games to top notch applications with valuable and interesting information.
FierceMobile has created an interesting list of the Top 10 Apps that “simplify your life”.

3Deep:  3deep users share information on their current status, whereabouts and preferred means of contact, and the app’s Tell Me When feature indicates whether communications are best initiated via voice, text, e-mail or IM. Users also determine when and with whom they want to share deep presence information, and can limit how much personal data they wish to divulge on a case-by-case basis.

Aha: Power to the people: instead of relying on official traffic info, this app connects (American) iPhone users on the (same) road and lets them inform each other with traffic info.  Basically someone can record an audio message and it’ll be transferred to other users in the neighborhood.

MotionX GPS: indicates and tracks the user’s position wherever they go–not just on street maps, but also topographic and satellite maps, which explains why the software is so popular with runners, hikers, skiers and boaters. Also allows users to save up to 303 personal waypoints to identify favorite locations (including sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps) and store up to 101 tracks to retrace later.

Put Things Off: A simple, efficient tool for creating notes and lists, Put Things Off encourages users to focus on what’s important each day and “put off stuff that’s not”.

– Sherpa: Sherpa promises a customized user experience that improves each time you use it, recommending retailers, restaurants and attractions as it begins to understand your likes, dislikes and behavioral patterns.

Snac: makes it easier to get at popular applications like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr while also offering up news, weather, email and related tools in a user-friendly, at-a-glance format.

Vlingo: speech recognition app delivers a single voice interface that works with native and third-party applications, offering one-button access to contact lists, search tools, local listings and social networking status updates.

WeatherBug Elite:  offers live local weather conditions and forecasts with the addition of full radar animation as well as supplementary map layers spanning infrared satellite, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and next-day high and low temperatures.

Wertago: this free app not only pinpoints where the action is, complete with real-time ratings, tags and reviews, but it also tells you which of your friends are already there and includes tools to message and coordinate plans with them.

Zagat to Go ’09: includes over 40,000 reviews from the venerable ratings guide, as well as suggestions covering nightclubs, hotels and retailers.

Which are your favorites? Post a comment below.

One billion downloads in App Store – some numbers

On April 23rd, the Apple App Store crossed its one billion downloads treshold, only 9 months after its launch.

The most popular downloads are games and entertainment.
– 79% of iPhone users have downloaded a game from the App Store
– 78% entertainment
– 57% weather
– 55% music

The most popular app was Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge, a game that was downloaded by 32% of all iPhone users in February 2009.  Check here for a list of the 25 most popular apps.

The most used apps however, are weather related.
– 39% of iPhone users name weather related apps among their 3 most used apps.
– 20% names games among most used
– 25% go for Facebook as one of the most popular

A study has also shown that only 2% of iPhone users has never downloaded a mobile application

As far as revenues are concerned, remember that many of that billion downloads are free apps
iPhone owners spend less on individual apps, but on the positive side, they download more apps overall:
86 percent of iPhone owners have paid at most $.99 to $9.99 on a single app, but 83 percent of them have downloaded at least six apps.

Research firm Juniper predicts that revenues from mobile downloads will grow to exceed $ 25 billion by 2014.