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One sale every 2 seconds on eBay Mobile

eBay Mobile is doing great: in 2009, there was the sale of a product every 2 seconds via the mobile version of the popular auction site, good for half a billion US dollars worth of transactions.

Especially Christmas is a good period: Xmas 2009 sold three times as much  as Xmas 2008.  Mobile users from more than 200 different countries bought and sold more than 1,5 million items in that week. 

About 6 million iPhone users have eBay downloaded on their device.  More than 750.000 daily unique visitors surf on the auction site via their mobile.

Full house at the Web Goes Mobile seminar

More than 130 professionals participated last Thursday at the Web Goes Mobile seminar at Business Faculty. Operators and advertisers gave an extensive update on the Mobile Internet and all its opportunities. The most important gatekeepers of the mobile internet are of course the mobile operators. Representatives of Proximus and Mobistar gave facts and figures on the PlazZza initiative. Since the launch in 2006 of this WAP service more than 100 mobile sites have joined. The majority of the sites concerns adult content and entertainment (logos, ring tones,…).
Another such entertainment application is the moblog, which allows Proximus subscribers to send a mobile photo by MMS to a photo blog. This initiative was initiated by the agency Emakina, in collaboration with

e-Bay is also enthusiastic about the mobile platform: “We believe in mobile and the timing is now.”, says Alexis van de Wyer of eBay Belgium. On their market place it’s now possible to bid by SMS and to receive SMS alerts with updates on an auction.

With the use of the mobile internet on the rise, this medium is becoming increasingly interesting for advertisers. The French Screentonic, which was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year, already set up mobile campaigns for several companies such as Coca-Cola, Disney and Apple. Currently they measure a click-through rate on mobile advertisements of 3% to 6%.

An extraordinary presence at the seminar was the Brit Tom Weiss, former Vice-President at T-Mobile, who gave a very sobering vision on current mobile technologies. He pointed out that voice and SMS are still the main sources of revenue for mobile operators and that growth for external parties is mostly in niches.

The event, filling in its second edition a full room of interested professionals, was an initiative of, Belgian provider of mobile solutions and leader on the domain of Mobile Internet. Managing Director Danny Lein adds: “Our main goal of Web Goes Mobile is proving the potential of the Mobile Internet for marketeers. On the seminar, operators, providers and advertisers have all together proven that this medium is on the rise.”

The presentations are available on

eBay Belgium goes mobile

eBay is becoming more mobile minded. They have introduced a new SMS service, which allows to bid and receive alerts by SMS. A user can for example be informed of the bids on a certain product. A SMS message will inform him when a bidding period has almost terminated. He can then reply by SMS with a higher bid. To receive a message, the user pays 25 eurocent; to send one is at the normal sms rate.

Future project is to introduce a mobile version of the online market place. This already exists in the UK:

eBay Belgium goes mobile