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25 million monthly mobile users on Facebook

According to CEO Mark Zuckerber, the social networking website Facebook now counts 25 million mobile users per month.  In November, he announced that the amount has risen from 5 to 15 million since early 2008.

Unofficial stats say there are daily about 4 million users logging on with their mobile.  1,64 million uses an iPhone to connect, while 1,56 million has a Blackberry.

Mobile is poised to be the largest growth area for most social networks over the next few years as more users turn to their mobile devices for interactive content.


Mobile web use increases with 94%

According to a report from browser supplier Opera, the use of the mobile web has increased with 94% in the past year.  In November 2008, users of the mobile browser Opera Mini surfed through 5,7 billion mobile pages.  That’s an increase of more than 300% compared to a year earlier.  Most popular mobile sites were Google, Facebook and Bebo.

According to Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera, the success is due to the fact that people now can and want to surf mobile.

More facts & figures from the State of the Mobile Web here.

Smartphone adoption stimulates mobile search

Smartphones are rapidly gaining popularity, now that mobile phone producers such as Blackberry, HTC and Google/T-Mobile are introducing interesting alternatives to the Apple iPhone on the market.
Research firm The Kelsey Group says that currently one fifth of the US population uses a smartphone and half of all consumers considering switching to a smartphone within the next two years.

This increasing smartphone adoption stimulates mobile search activities.  Some interesting figures:

  • 17.6 percent of consumers downloaded or viewed maps or directions in the last six months, up from 10.8 percent in 2007.
  • Mobile web searches for products or services within the consumer’s local area increased to 15.6 percent in 2008, up from 9.8 percent in 2007.
  • Mobile web searches for products or services outside the consumer’s local area increased to 14.3 percent in 2008, up from 6.4 percent in 2007.
  • Mobile queries on movies or other entertainment increased to 13.7 percent in 2008, up from 8.2 percent in 2007.
  • Mobile connections to social networks like MySpace and Facebook increased 9.6 percent in 2008, up from 3.4 percent in 2007.

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Social networks drive mobile internet traffic

According to a recent measurement of mobile internet usage by M:Metrics, social network sites like Facebook, are key drivers of mobile internet usage.

In the UK, is the number 1 domain, where an active Mobile Web user spends on average 1h 44 minutes of time spent per month (or 72% of all time spent on the Mobile Web). In the US the active mobile internet user spends on average 1h 25 minutes on and 1h24 minutes on (representing 61% of all time spent on the mobile internet in the US).

Other interesting finding of this research: Americans spend twice as much time on the mobile internet than Britains: more than 4.5 hours per month browsing on their smartphone, where as British smartphone users browse the mobile web on average 2.2 hours per month. The higher popularity of flat rate data plans in the United States is a primary factor explaining this difference.


Top Domains by Time Spent Browsing per Month: United Kingdom







TheFacebook, Inc


Hutchison Whampoa Limited


British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc


Microsoft Corporation


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)



Top Domains by Time Spent Browsing per Month: United States







Craigslist, Inc.


eBay Inc.


News Corporation


TheFacebook, Inc


The Walt Disney Company