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Mobile Internet in China 2008

Last year, the adoption of the Mobile Internet in China has risen with 133%.  According to a report by the China Network Information Center, 117,6 million Chinese consumers accessed the web via their mobile device.  
The mobile market in China consists in total of 633.8 million mobile subscribers.

Students make up 43,5% of the mobile web users, using their phone to check out news sites, download music and check email.

More figures for China in this BBC article.

Mobile Internet in France 2008

Some numbers and figures for the Mobile Internet use in France in 2008.

* 71% of the mobinautes between the age of 15 and 20 years know Gallery.  72% of them already uses Gallery.

* 50% of the mobinauts, who have an unlimited data subscription, connect to the Mobile Internet at least once a day.

* 16% of the mobinauts have already connected to the Mobile Internet after seeing an advertising.

* 30% of the mobinauts say they subscribed to an unlimited access offer for Mobile Internet.

Mobile web use increases with 94%

According to a report from browser supplier Opera, the use of the mobile web has increased with 94% in the past year.  In November 2008, users of the mobile browser Opera Mini surfed through 5,7 billion mobile pages.  That’s an increase of more than 300% compared to a year earlier.  Most popular mobile sites were Google, Facebook and Bebo.

According to Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera, the success is due to the fact that people now can and want to surf mobile.

More facts & figures from the State of the Mobile Web here.

Belgium sends 78,3 million SMS on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve has broken its own record again.  During the night of 31 December 2008 to 1 January 2009, a total of 78,3 million SMS messages were sent out in Belgium.  That’s a staggering 19 million more than one year earlier.  Most of these were sent between 23.45 and 00.45.

Proximus clients sent 36 million text messages (including 10 million delivery confirmations), which is 27% more than last year (28,3 million).
23,6 million messages were for the account of Mobistar subscribers, which is an increase of 30,4% compared to 2007-2008 (18,1 million).
And Base treated 18,7 million SMS, which is an increase of no less than 44% compared to last year (12,9 million).

To handle the massive SMS communication, the mobile operators had taken several precautions. Proximus had activated a 5th SMS central, which allowed to treat in total 96.000 messages per minute.  Mobistar increased their SMS server capacity to 124.000 messages per minute.  No real problems were detected.


Mobile social networking grows 182%

At the Web Goes Mobile seminar, Paul Golding indicated that mobile social networks will be the killer app for the mobile phone.

His point seems to be proven by recent figures  of US research firms The Kelsey Group and ConStat.  These indicate that the volume of US mobile subscribers who accessed social networks via mobile device increased from 3,4% in  September 2007 to 9,6% in October 2008, which equals an increase of 182%. 

The report indicates that the Mobile Internet is used for following purposes:
– 15,6% searches for local products & services
– 14,3% searches for products & services outside the local area
– 13,7% searches for info on movies or other entertainment
– 11,7% searches for info on restaurants and bars
– 8,4% watches or purchases mobile video clips

eMarketer forecasts that by 2012 over 800 million users worldwide will access social networks via mobile device, up from 82 million in 2007.

Check the eMarketer report for more info on mobile social networking.

2 million Dutchmen surf the mobile internet

In the Netherlands, two million mobile phone users regularly use the mobile internet.   3 out of 4 surfs and mails with a flat fee mobile subscription.  These figures come from a study by the platform Open Mobiel Internet (OMI).

The amount of mobile surfers has risen with 25% in half a year time, going from 1,6 million to 2 million between June and December 2008.  Most users are between 18 and 35 years old. 
In Holland, there circulate 2 million UMTS-enabled mobile devices and 4 million GPRS devices.  There are about 1,45 million flat fee subscriptions.


2009 will be difficult for mobile phone producers

The economic crisis will have its effect on the market of mobile phones.  Producers of mobile devices are expecting a serious fallback in 2009.  Market leader Nokia is counting on a decrease of 5% compared to 2008.  That’s more than the 1 to 4% predicted by the American research company Gartner. 
Other producers such as RIM (Blackberry) and LG have also been giving warnings about upcoming sale drops.