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Number 1 iPad applications!

Very good news: In the category “News” from the App Store we have two number 1 applications!!

– The iPad application “Het Nieuws” from VTM (developed together with MobileWeb)

– The iPad application “De Standaard”

We were on the first position in the “Top Paid Apps” too for De Standaard iPad application (currently 9th position, which is still great)!

“Het Nieuws” is currently on the first position in the Top Free Apps!

Thank you for supporting this applications!

Android Market now contains 30,000 apps

Normally Google does not give the number of applications in the Android Market, but today the representatives informed  that Google Android Market includes 30,000 free and paid applications.
Three months ago there was an estimation from AndroLib that the Android Market included 20,000 applications. Google at the time matched these claimed stats against its own count, and said there were in reality some 16,000 apps in Android Market in December 2009. And today Google says the number grew from 16k to 30k apps in exactly three months, a beautiful performance.

Google will not say what percentage is paid or free. But AndroLib, a website which keeps an eye on Android Market, says that 39% is paid and 61% free. Interesting is the fact that paid applications are hardly sell well. FADE analyst has calculated that the estimated 8 million Android users from around the globe have downloaded 289 million apps. Of that 98.9 % was free. Compared with other phones, owners purchase relatively low-paid Android apps. This is around 35 applications per user, so that’s quite a bit. Calculate how much the developers earn from this users, then the number is very disappointing: the average user for Android has bought apps for $ 0.50. For the iPhone it is $ 1.