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Police warns citizens by SMS

Last month, we reported on the emergency services of Helpi.

Helpi has now joined forces with the federal police and the ‘Buurt Informatie Netwerken’ (Neighborhood Information Networks) to create the new communication platform bin-sms.  This platform allows to inform citizens by sms in case of an emergency or insecurity.  For example, when burglars have been signaled in the neighborhood, the police can enter a warning into the SMS application, and the message will be send to all BIN-members of that area.

More info on bin-sms.

Buurt Informatie Netwerken

Helpi and Proximus offer Personal Alarm

In December 2007, received the Innovation Award for the mobile application developed for Helpi, a service that allows to get help in case of an emergency with a simple push of a button. Now Helpi has become an official partner of Proximus to offer a Person Alarm service to mobile users.

How does Helpi work?

In case of an emergency, a Helpi subscriber can notify the helpdesk of Helpi – day and night – with a simple push on a button of his own mobile phone. Without having heard a word, the Helpi operator immediately knows who has send out the help request (with all personal data), who needs to be informed and where the person in need is situated (through the position of the GSM). The operator informs the pre-defined contact persons, judges the emergency situation and, if needed, contacts the emergency services.

Who is it for?

  • SENIOR-ALERT: Seniors who want to notify their children and their neighbours immediately in the case of medical emergencies.
  • CHILD-ALERT: Parents who want to protect their child and who want to be notified immediately in the case of emergencies.
  • BUSINESS-ALERT: Occupations at risk – such as family doctors, pharmacists, shopkeepers or bankers – who want to protect themselves against violence and aggression.


Proximus deal

Earlier this month, Helpi has signed an agreement with Proximus to offer the Personal Alarm service to all Proximus subscribers. The subscriber can activate the personal alarm for 98 euro per year.

The SVA (Syndicaat van Vlaamse Huisartsen) found this solution very interesting for doctors, who often have to deal with agression when doing house calls. To encourage the use of the Personal Alarm, they’ve decided to pay 18 euro of the subscription for every doctor that is interested. The doctor then pays only 80 euro per year.

To know more, visit wins two Mobistar Awards was the big winner at the annual Mobistar Innovation Awards, which took place yesterday at ‘Living Tomorrow’. The prestigious PlazZza Award was acknowledged to the dealer locator for Audi. The emergency alerting platform Helpi was rewarded with the SMS Award., four years of innovation is no stranger at the Mobistar Innovation Awards. This year’s awards follow previous prizes for their Mobile Tools (2004), Laundromat SMS service (2005) and Samsung (2006). Danny Lein, Managing Director of “It is great when important market players are willing to invest in innovative new mobile solutions. With these awards, the sector has recognised these efforts as well. That motivates to continue innovating!”

Audi, find the nearest dealer on your mobile

The winner of the ‘PlazZza Award’ was the Audi Dealer Locator, an application that developed for D’Ieteren. For the first time in Belgium, it is possible to locate the nearest Audi dealer on the Mobile Internet. The application tracks the location of the mobile user through LBS technology. The addresses of the nearest car dealers are then displayed on a graphical map.

Helpi, emergency service at the click of a button

In the category ‘SMS Award’, the prize went to the emergency service of Helpi. Like the Audi application, the Helpi service uses LBS technology to locate the mobile phone user. This way, a person who is in an emergency situation, simply needs to push the pre-programmed Helpi-button on their mobile to inform the emergency services. Frank De Neve, Manager of Helpi: “The strength of this service is its simplicity: one push on a button informs both relatives and emergency services. That is very efficient and saves time in case of an emergency. The Jury particularly liked that aspect.”