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Nokia invests in chat and instant messaging

Nokia and OZ Communications today announced that Nokia is to acquire OZ, a privately held company with approximately 220 employees and headquartered in Montreal, Canada. OZ, the leading consumer mobile messaging solution provider, delivers access to popular instant messaging and email services on consumer mobile devices.
By acquiring OZ, Nokia will enable easy-to-use, fast access to leading instant messaging and email services, including Gmail, Hotmail,┬áMessenger and Yahoo!. With more than 5.5 million monthly paid users, OZ’s solutions have been deployed by leading mobile operators on a wide array of mobile device platforms. The expertise and technology Nokia acquires through OZ is complementary to Nokia’s existing portfolio of messaging solutions and will provide a complete portfolio of mobile messaging solutions for Series 40 and S60 devices.

Yahoo! brings social networks together on mobile

Another big announcement at 3GSM Barcelona comes from Yahoo!. They are launching OneConnect, which should become the ultimate mobile link between social networks.

In today’s cyberworld, there are dozens of websites and tools for social networking, IM, and buddylisting: MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, AOL,… to name a few. OneConnect checks the online status of your contacts on all these platforms at once and sends the incoming chat requests through to your mobile phone, keeping all the different information within the same window.
The application also uses geolocalisation (by GPS or by GSM signals) to locate the contacts. Their real-life position is then indicated on a map. This way you can be informed if one of your contacts is in your neighborhood.

The application could mean a huge increase in data traffic and therefore big business for Yahoo! and telecoms.

(Source: Datanews)
Yahoo OneConnect

The future of IM is mobile

“Worldwide there are about 400 million chatters. 90% of them are youngsters. The future of IM (Instant Messaging) is the mobile phone.” That’s the opinion of Jeffrey Ganek, CEO of Neustar, the company whose network is used by all North-American mobile operators.

Neustar aspires to be an essential element in the world of Mobile IM, which they think holds a “potential of billions”. Not only do they want to take care of the interoperability between mobile operators offering IM services, but they also want to make sure those services are compatible with one another.

(source: Datanews)