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bpost and MobileWeb deliver your New Year’s SMS on a Post Card

bpost, the Belgian postal office, has launched yesterday an innovative new product the “SMS Post Card” (SMS Kaartje / Carte SMS). You can send your New Year’s wishes via SMS to a shortcode. bpost will print out your wishes on a nice postcard and sent it to the destination you indicate in your SMS.

New Year's SMS on Post Card delivered to your friends by bpost and MobileWeb

Try it out yourself! Send an SMS starting with  KAARTJE or CARTE to 3031 (€ 1,20 per postcard).

Boondoggle is the creative agency behind the advertising campaign which includes TV, DM, billboards and mobile bannering. The SMS service has been developed by MobileWeb. and Pumbby receive Mobistar Innovation Award has been awarded with the SMS/MMS Award at the annual Mobistar Multimedia Innovation Awards. This prestigious award was acknowledged to the mobile concept of Pumbby, which allows to earn money in exchange of mobile advertising messages., five years of innovation
The innovative mobile solutions of have been praised many times at the Mobistar Innovation Awards. This year’s award follow previous prizes for their Mobile Tools (2004), Laundromat SMS service (2005), Samsung Fun Club (2006), Helpi (2007) and Audi dealer locator (2007). Danny Lein, Managing Director of “This award is a great recognition of all the work we invested in our client applications. It stimulates us to continue our quest for new and innovative mobile products.”

Pumbby, innovative mobile advertising platform won the ‘SMS/MMS Award’ for the mobile application that was developed for Pumbby. Members of the Pumbby service can earn money or simply receive a reduction on their mobile subscription. In exchange they have to accept mobile advertising messages on their mobile. In their Pumbby account they can define the maximum amount of messages they want to receive. If they personalise their profile, the advertised products will match their preferences. The concept has become very popular, especially among the younger audience.

innovation-awards2008 wins two Mobistar Awards was the big winner at the annual Mobistar Innovation Awards, which took place yesterday at ‘Living Tomorrow’. The prestigious PlazZza Award was acknowledged to the dealer locator for Audi. The emergency alerting platform Helpi was rewarded with the SMS Award., four years of innovation is no stranger at the Mobistar Innovation Awards. This year’s awards follow previous prizes for their Mobile Tools (2004), Laundromat SMS service (2005) and Samsung (2006). Danny Lein, Managing Director of “It is great when important market players are willing to invest in innovative new mobile solutions. With these awards, the sector has recognised these efforts as well. That motivates to continue innovating!”

Audi, find the nearest dealer on your mobile

The winner of the ‘PlazZza Award’ was the Audi Dealer Locator, an application that developed for D’Ieteren. For the first time in Belgium, it is possible to locate the nearest Audi dealer on the Mobile Internet. The application tracks the location of the mobile user through LBS technology. The addresses of the nearest car dealers are then displayed on a graphical map.

Helpi, emergency service at the click of a button

In the category ‘SMS Award’, the prize went to the emergency service of Helpi. Like the Audi application, the Helpi service uses LBS technology to locate the mobile phone user. This way, a person who is in an emergency situation, simply needs to push the pre-programmed Helpi-button on their mobile to inform the emergency services. Frank De Neve, Manager of Helpi: “The strength of this service is its simplicity: one push on a button informs both relatives and emergency services. That is very efficient and saves time in case of an emergency. The Jury particularly liked that aspect.”