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Top paid apps from Blackberry App World

Recently, we’ve discussed the 10 best iPhone apps and the 10 best Android apps.

Let’s now have a look at the top paid apps from Blackberry App World.



Can a paid iPhone App contain advertising?

As a result of the recent launch of De Standaard iPhone App, a heavy debate is going on about the fact that this premium News App contains advertising. It raises many interesting issues:

  • to which extent can a paid App contain advertising? Or should advertising only be included in free Apps?
  • what is the correct price of a “no-advertising-please” App? Apparently some users state that they would be willing to pay even more NOT to see any advertising.
  • what type of “sponsoring” is more acceptable/less acceptable: eg mobile coupons with clear advantages versus mobile banners

Please post your points of view on the LinkedIn Web Goes Mobile discussion forum or via Twitter #wgm4.

Pepsi removes controversial iPhone app

iPhone apps are hip & cool and there are literally thousands of fun apps with jokes and pranks.  But be careful! The medium has become so widespread that you should keep in mind that not the entire target audience might have a good sense of humour.

Pepsi had launched a campaign with a mobile app for iPhone, with tips on how to score with women, “a road map to success with your favorite kinds of women”.  Not such a great idea if your number 1 market is the politically over-correct America.  The app quickly received user reviews, labelling it “sexist and stupid”.  As the protests increased, Pepsi first hoped to get away with it by just posting an apology on their Amp Energy Twitter account, but eventually they decided to remove it from the app store altogether.


De Standaard iPhone app – get your promo code

One week after the release of the iPhone app of De Standaard, it still features at #1 in the list of paid apps in the Belgian Apple App Store!

Did you download your copy yet?  Give us your feedback in Comments.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, this is your chance.  De Standaard has given us 5 promo codes allowing a free download of this popular news app.  First come, first served, so hurry up!  When you’ve gotten hold on one, please let others know in Comments.