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Mobile websites grow sevenfold in 1 year

The amount of mobile internet websites has increased times 7 in just one year time, according to the mobile web domain registry dotMobi.  Scanning the largest Top Level Domains (.mobi, .com, .net, .uk and .de), it found about 1,1 million mobile sites, compared to only 150.000 a year ago.

Unfortunately, there’s still no standard to identify a mobile site.  While dotMobi stimulates the use of the domain extension .mobi, there are mobile sites using the subdomains m., mobile. or wap., while others extend their URL with /wap, /m, /mobile, /pda or something similar. encourages the use of the m. subdomain, which means a short URL (no need to type a long URL on a mobile keypad) and no need to register an additional domain extension.  Good examples of its use are,,, and of course 🙂

Obama votes for mobile web

In May, we already reported how the US Democratic presidential conadidates use SMS Marketing for their voting campaigns.

Barack Obama is further using Mobile Marketing strategies. He has now launched the mobile site (also available at, where voters can ‘meet Barack’ and download videos, ringtones and wallpapers.

Users can also check out the latest Obama news, recommend the site to a friend (and send them a ‘message of hope’), download the War In Iraq whitepaper and register for mobile alerts.

Next up with election-themed mobile stuff will be Motorola with its much-anticipated Votr handset.

Nokia starts mobile video service

Mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has presented Medeo, their new mobile service that allows to stream videos on a mobile. The streaming content contains Hollywood news, film trailers, celebrity interviews and red-carpet footage. Check it out on their mobile portal


dotMobi forms Mobile Internet task force

The dotMobi Advisory Group, responsable for everything concerning the .mobi domain name extension, has formed a new task force for ‘Mobile Internet in Developing Countries’. This task force needs to “ensure that mobile web solutions delivered to developing countries are localized, self-sustaining and relevant to each community with services ranging from culture to education to healthcare, climate, and commerce.”

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