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Wikipedia launches iPhone app

Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopaedia who has proven to be even more reliable than the Brittanica, has announced the launch of Wikipedia Mobile, a mobile application for iPhone and iPod Touch.  This app allows mobile users to browse through the millions of articles.  But they’ll have to wait for a later version if they want to edit texts and add pictures.  But according to spokesperson Jay Walsh that’s only a matter of time: “It is a platform we are going to build on. The sky is the limit – we can do whatever we want.”  They also plan to take it to other platforms like Palm and Android.


Half of iPhone users download premium apps every month

Some interesting results from the AdMob’s July 2009 Mobile Metrics Report:

Half of iPhone users and 40% of iPod Touch owners download one or more premium applications from Apple’s App Store each month, compared to 19% of Android smartphone users.

– More than 90% of Android and iPhone OS users browse and search for apps directly on their mobile device, rather than on their computer.

–  iPhone and Android users download approximately 10 new apps each month, with iPod touch owners downloading an average of 18 per month.

– More than half of iPhone and Android users spend more than 30 minutes per day using apps.

– Users who regularly download paid apps spend approximately $9 on an average of five paid downloads per month.

Send mobile greeting with Hallmark

Hallmark, the world famous provider of greeting cards, has launched a mobile application, allowing to send a greeting with your smartphone.   Users of the app can select a greeting card from one of the many categories and add a personalised text message.  The recipient first receives a link to download the Hallmark Mobile application, which is necessary to view the greeting card.   For every card sent and opened,  the sender is charged 99 dollarcent on his mobile subscription bill. 

For the moment, the app is only available for subscribers of certain US providers, but it’s expected to be extended soon.


Google believes in browsers, not app stores

Interesting article on the future of app stores and browsers, and the opinion of Google regarding this matter:

App stores do not represent the future of the mobile industry according to Google’s vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra, who maintains consumers will instead turn to web browsers to fill their information and entertainment needs. Speaking Thursday at the Mobilebeat conference in San Francisco, Gundotra said no one, including Google, is rich enough to support all of the myriad mobile platforms in existence, a circumstance that mandates a shift in thinking away from the fragmented app store model.

“What we clearly see happening is a move to incredibly powerful browsers,” Gundotra said. “Many, many applications can be delivered through the browser and what that does for our costs is stunning. We believe the web has won and over the next several years, the browser, for economic reasons almost, will become the platform that matters and certainly that’s where Google is investing.” Gundotra added that Apple CEO Steve Jobs proclaimed “Build for the web” with the initial launch of the iPhone, a statement that met with resistance from developers: “I think Steve really did understand that, over the long term, it would be the web, and I think that’s how things will play out.”

(source: FierceMobile; more details on Financial Times)