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1 out of 4 Americans gets news via mobile

26% of American adults now reads news on their mobile handsets, says a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

Of all the users using the mobile internet for information, there is
– 72% checking for weather forecasts
– 68% checking news headlines and current events
– 44% checking sport results and news
– 35% checking traffic reports
– 32% checking financial info and updates

Also interesting to know is that almost 1 out of 2 smartphone users (49%) has downloaded a mobile app to access headlines, weather, sports or other information.  Almost 1 out of 3 (31%) gets news alerts via SMS or e-mail.


The study also finds that a person younger than 50 years is 3 times more likely to access news via their mobile than a person above 50.  The average mobile news consumer is a white male, age 34, with a college degree and a full-time job.

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Wall Street Journal to charge for mobile news

The Wall Street Journal will begin charging consumers as much as $2 a week to access its news coverage via mobile device.

Rupert Murdoch, CEO of parent firm News Corp., said it will impose mobile fees within the next month or two. Murdoch did say that subscribers to the Journal’s print edition would only be charged $1 a week for mobile web access, with the $2 weekly fee applying to non-subscribers.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the few major U.S. newspapers requiring premium subscriptions for its online content – the publication currently boasts more than 1 million online subscribers. The Journal introduced a free mobile news application in February 2008, followed six months later by the Mobile Reader, a free app optimized for BlackBerry smartphones. The Journal’s free iPhone app debuted in April 2009.

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New York Times makes mobile news payable

The newspaper New York Times no longer believes in the “free news” model for their mobile content.  After seeing their publicity income decrease with 27%, they’ve been looking for ways to make money with their online and mobile initiatives, but they now have come to the conclusion that mobile devices aren’t suitable to show advertising.  So they’re now considering to have readers pay for their content.

Question is whether iPhone and other smartphone users are prepared to pay for news articles, especially if there are free alternatives available.  Besides, there are other options to capitalize on the mobile. creates Nieuwsblad Mobile for Corelio

After De Standaard Mobile and Jobat Mobile, has now developed another mobile internet site for Corelio: Het Nieuwsblad Mobile.

As of today, everyone can use their mobile phone to surf to the mobile version of via You will quickly find an overview of:
local news from every Flemish city
– general news
– showbizz news
live reporting of soccer games, cycling and Formule 1
– an agenda with thousands of events, categorized by genre and by city


‘More than 600 soccer games live’

“We are very happy with our new mobile website”, says Patrick Salien, site manager of and Nieuwsblad Mobile. “We succeeded to not only offer general news and showbizz, but also sports and regional news in a very relevant way.  For all 308 Flemish communities we give news articles, with of course a separate approach for our city issue De Gentenaar, which can be found on On top of that, our sports editors cover yearly no less than 180 cycling days, more than 600 soccer games and a lot more sport events. And all that live on your gsm. A must for the sports lover!”

‘Out tips for everyone in Flanders’

“Another fantastic application is the ‘Uit’ agenda“, continues Patrick Salien. “Based on your postal code and/or the kind of activity you’re interested in, you will receive a list of movie and theatre screenings, among others. From now on, all that information will be available anywhere, anytime.”

“With this, Corelio takes another step into the mobile internet, after the successful launch of De Standaard Mobile and Jobat Mobile. These projects as well were completely worked out by our own people with as integration partner.” says Johan Mortelmans, Director E-Media at Corelio.

Nieuwsblad Mobile is a free service. Of course, the mobile users pay for their data connection with their  operator. But ever more operators offer interesting formulas that lower the costs significantly. Even more, the mobile site is suitable for every kind of mobile device.  You don’t need a sophisticated phone for it.

“Apart from the high information value for the user – fast, everywhere and anytime – this is a very targeted medium for our advertisers. With this medium they will be able to reach a very specific and  interesting audience. The version that was launched today is 100 % ready to get the advertiser and the consumer in touch with each other”, adds Stijn Vercamer, Commercial Manager E-media at Corelio.

Nieuwsblad Mobile

MobileWeb brings De Standaard on the Mobile

MobileWeb, the Belgian specialist in mobile internet solutions, has created the mobile news portal De Standaard Mobile for Corelio. Based on the unique Mobile Web Server, the news pages are adapted to the characteristics of the different types of mobile phones. This way, De Standaard Mobile is optimally presented on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone. PlazZza played an important role in the launching campaign.

De Standaard Mobile: the most recent news always at hand
De Standaard has launched a new mobile news service, called De Standaard Mobile. “De Standaard is much more than a newspaper. We are a news brand. That’s what we already were on paper and on the computer. Now we’re also that on the mobile phone.” says main editor Peter Vandermeersch. “It’s the quality and the speed above all. That’s why we’ve opted for the system of MobileWeb,” adds project leader Joris De Lannoy.

An optimal presentation on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone
“For De Standaard Mobile it was our main objective to develop a clear and readable news site, independent from the type of GSM, Blackberry or iPhone that is used,” explain Managing Director Danny Lein. “Depending on the type of device, the font size and the images are adapted. The first page gives short but clear titles, which click through to the entire article. The automatic updating system always visualizes the most recent articles.”
For the traffic information, there was a close collaboration with the Flemish Verkeerscentrum. Based on a handy map for each Flemish region, people on the road can check easily and quickly where to expect traffic jams.

Available for free on or on PlazZza
The mobile internet site can be visited for free by entering the address in the mobile browser. This is possible for every mobile device that has Internet access. also registered De Standaard Mobile in the listings of PlazZza, the Belgian portal for mobile sites. If you send the keyword DS by sms to the free number 8080, you’ll receive a sms message with a direct link to De Standaard Mobile.

AP announces Mobile News Network

Press agency Associated Press has announced a new service that brings news headlines, information, photos and video to smartphones.

“The Mobile News Network will provide a national platform for smart phone users to access local content from brands they trust,” CEO Tom Curley said. “Members can participate by providing local news that will appear alongside their logos. Importantly, the network also offers a new outlet for members to sell local advertising to the mobile audience.”

AP is working with mobile phone manufacturers and carriers to develop the best user interface for this comprehensive collection of news stories, photos and video from the news industry. The network will be optimized for the richest multimedia experience the new wireless devices will allow.

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