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MobileWeb develops MySMS service for Proximus has developed MySMS, a new service for Proximus customers, allowing to send a SMS message to a group of recipients.

There are plenty of situations in which it is useful to be able to contact a group of people
Think of:
– A businessman informing his colleagues that he will be late for a meeting
– A soccer trainer informing the team members that the training will start an hour later
– A school teacher informing parents about a school trip

MySMS allows you to create a new group, invite people to join and send messages to the members. 
Or you can join an existing group and receive all messages from the organiser of the group. 
An extended list of commands allows to subscribe/unsubscribe from a group, to get informed on which groups you own or to which groups you belong, etc.

Read more about MySMS on the Proximus website: NL / FR
or watch the video demo below.


Mobile telecom is 4th biggest market

Economic crisis or not, mobile telecom is still one of the most profitable business markets in the world.  Only the food, weapon and car industry are doing better. These 4 markets are the only ones worth more than 1 trillion dollars (or 750 billion euro).   The telecom market is still growing, with now almost 4 billion mobile subscriptions around the world.

These numbers come from the telecom analist Tomi Ahonen of the Oxford University, who stresses the importance of mobile telecommunications.  He predicts that mobile phones will become more important than PCs to visit internet pages. 

Of the 1 trillion revenue, there’s 150 billion coming from mobile phone sales, 50 billion from network devices, and a 800 billion from mobile services.    Of the mobile services, there’s 600 billion for mobile voice calling, 130 billion for SMS texting and 70 billion for mobile internet. 

If telecommunication is calculated together (fixed, mobile & Internet), it is worth 1,8 trillion dollars, which would be second place behind the food industry.

silhouet-mobile-phone1 and Pumbby receive Mobistar Innovation Award has been awarded with the SMS/MMS Award at the annual Mobistar Multimedia Innovation Awards. This prestigious award was acknowledged to the mobile concept of Pumbby, which allows to earn money in exchange of mobile advertising messages., five years of innovation
The innovative mobile solutions of have been praised many times at the Mobistar Innovation Awards. This year’s award follow previous prizes for their Mobile Tools (2004), Laundromat SMS service (2005), Samsung Fun Club (2006), Helpi (2007) and Audi dealer locator (2007). Danny Lein, Managing Director of “This award is a great recognition of all the work we invested in our client applications. It stimulates us to continue our quest for new and innovative mobile products.”

Pumbby, innovative mobile advertising platform won the ‘SMS/MMS Award’ for the mobile application that was developed for Pumbby. Members of the Pumbby service can earn money or simply receive a reduction on their mobile subscription. In exchange they have to accept mobile advertising messages on their mobile. In their Pumbby account they can define the maximum amount of messages they want to receive. If they personalise their profile, the advertised products will match their preferences. The concept has become very popular, especially among the younger audience.


Blyk comes to Belgium in January

In July, we reported about Blyk’s intention to come to Belgium.  The new mobile network, targeted at teenagers between 16 and 24 years, has now announced that it will launch on the Belgian market in January 2009.   The Netherlands will follow in February or March.

Blyk uses a new business model, offering free sms and call credits in exchange for mobile advertising messages.  The advertisements are adapted to the profile of the user, which he or she defines when registering for the service.    This way, you receive, for example, an ad for the new cd of your favorite artist or for a new energy drink.

Blyk will be a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) using the Mobistar network.

UPDATE: As you can read in the comment below, Blyk informs us that the January launch date is NOT correct.


Japanese mobiles to offer psychotherapy sessions

A Japanese professor on Wednesday launched what he said was the world’s first web-based psychotherapy sessions available via mobile phone, as the country grapples with a growing problem of depression.

The interactive service offers cognitive therapy sessions that identify a person’s level of depression by asking questions about his or her sleeping and eating habits, weight change, and emotional well-being.

Using their mobile phones — which are also widely substituted in Japan as wallets, train tickets, books, and television — people can easily access the service.

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Adobe introduces Photoshop Mobile

Software giant Adobe Systems has introduced a new mobile service for subscribers of Mobile allows to upload, view & share pictures on your Photoshop account.

A member can access his Photoshop account on his mobile phone.  He can then upload the pictures taken with his cameraphone and store up to 2Gb of pictures.  The online photos can be viewed with your mobile device from anywhere.  You can also create a photo album and share it with friends.

Photoshop Mobile is a free download. Windows Mobile-supported phone and account ID are required.

AP announces Mobile News Network

Press agency Associated Press has announced a new service that brings news headlines, information, photos and video to smartphones.

“The Mobile News Network will provide a national platform for smart phone users to access local content from brands they trust,” CEO Tom Curley said. “Members can participate by providing local news that will appear alongside their logos. Importantly, the network also offers a new outlet for members to sell local advertising to the mobile audience.”

AP is working with mobile phone manufacturers and carriers to develop the best user interface for this comprehensive collection of news stories, photos and video from the news industry. The network will be optimized for the richest multimedia experience the new wireless devices will allow.

Full press release