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Navitell presents content platform StoryNations

Early this month, the Belgian company Navitell launched a new mobile concept: mobile storytelling.
It allows the downloading of small videos with various information onto your mobile device.

A broad range of possible applications:
Story Travel: videos with touristic information
Story Cooking: videos with a chef explaining a recipe
Story Health: videos with diet advice or wellness tips
Story Kids: videos with kids stuff, fun & entertainment
Geo Hunting: video hints and tasks for a city adventure game

The video content can be downloaded by GPS onto your smartphone. But since this is not accessible for everyone, there’s also the option to download via the website onto another device, such as a video iPod or PSP. Some downloads will be free of charge, some will be payable. Pretty much like an app store.
Navitell is also looking for partnerships to distribute the content. One of the first partners is the magazine Flair, who combined 50 mobile stories to their July 7 issue.

And they already have the ambition to go international. A possibility is, for example, to offer coaching videos on how to climb the Mont Ventoux, while listening to stories depending on the location and velocity.
There are already negociations with the American NBC to offer stories along a “9/11-route”.

Next step, expected in the fall of this year, is giving users the possibility to make their own stories on the StoryNations platform.

Navitell - StoryNations

Cross-promotion on mobile for Blackberry and Madonna

AT&T, RIM (Blackberry) and Live Nation (Management for Madonna) have teamed up together to promote the new Blackberry Bold, as well as Madonna’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour DVD.

For a limited time,  only owners of a new BlackBerry Bold smartphone from AT&T have access to stream exclusive Madonna live performances from the Sticky & Sweet tour before they’re available in stores.


Mobile social networking grows 182%

At the Web Goes Mobile seminar, Paul Golding indicated that mobile social networks will be the killer app for the mobile phone.

His point seems to be proven by recent figures  of US research firms The Kelsey Group and ConStat.  These indicate that the volume of US mobile subscribers who accessed social networks via mobile device increased from 3,4% in  September 2007 to 9,6% in October 2008, which equals an increase of 182%. 

The report indicates that the Mobile Internet is used for following purposes:
– 15,6% searches for local products & services
– 14,3% searches for products & services outside the local area
– 13,7% searches for info on movies or other entertainment
– 11,7% searches for info on restaurants and bars
– 8,4% watches or purchases mobile video clips

eMarketer forecasts that by 2012 over 800 million users worldwide will access social networks via mobile device, up from 82 million in 2007.

Check the eMarketer report for more info on mobile social networking.

Apple brings new DVD releases to mobile

Apple has announced that new movie releases will now be available in the iTunes store on the same day as their DVD release.  Movies can be previewed, purchased and watched on the iPhone, iPod classic, iPod nano with video and iPod touch devices.

Press release

Coming Soon to a Phone Near You

Your mobile phone is about to get a lot cooler.

How cool? In the coming months, you’ll be able to dictate text messages and surf the Web just by speaking commands — no tapping or clicking required. If you’re trying to figure out where to go to lunch, you’ll be able to call up a map marked with local eateries your friends and family recommend. And you’ll be able to film movie clips on your cellphone and send them live to somebody else’s gadget.

Rapid hardware advances are making all these new offerings possible. Cellphones are morphing into minicomputers, packed with more processing power and bigger screens, and more of them are coming loaded with features like GPS. Faster connections are also driving the changes. Developers can work with tools like streaming video that wouldn’t be practical with creaky connections.

New mobile phone features

Here’s a sampling of the new applications scheduled to hit the market soon.

  • Voice Controls: Plenty of mobile applications allow you to dial your phone by voice. But very soon, you’ll be able to carry out a lot more functions with spoken commands — making your cellphone truly “hands free.”
  • Better Browsers: Connecting to the Web from a mobile phone can be painful. Download speeds slow to a crawl, and Web pages get cropped by tiny screens. Skyfire Labs Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., has developed a mobile Web browser that tries to replicate the experience of browsing the Web on a PC. The browser supports all the standard elements of a Web page — like photos and videos — so users feel like they are browsing the Web on their computers.
  • Digital Storage: Imagine being able to store your videos, photos and work documents online — and then call them up on your mobile phone. So, you could put photos of your vacation online and brag about your trip by showing them off to people you meet right from your phone. Or you could store a PowerPoint presentation for work online, and then look it over on your mobile device while you take the train home.
  • Sending Video: A bunch of services let you stream live video footage from your phone to a computer over the Internet, so you can share live images of, say, a concert or a scenic vista. Now one of those services — Visivo Communications Inc.’s Qik of Foster City, Calif. — is also working on technology that lets you send that live feed to someone else’s phone.
  • Surveillance: Similar technology could soon help you snoop. Movidity Inc. is developing a service that allows mobile users to view footage from a camera positioned at a remote location. You could keep an eye on the house while you’re out of town, for instance, or you might check in on the babysitter while you’re at dinner — a mobile version of the nannycam.
  • Advanced Games: Move aside, mobile crossword puzzles. Much more complex games are coming to the small screen. Vollee Ltd. of Israel plans to deploy a mobile version of the popular “virtual world” Second Life for mobile phones. Consumers with handsets compatible with high-speed mobile 3G networks will be able to try out the application free starting in May. The company is also working on mobile versions of other popular 3-D games and virtual worlds.

Full article: Wall Street Journal

Telenet wants Mobile TV

Duco Sickinghe, CEO of Telenet, sees a big future for Mobile television. In an interview with De Tijd, he explains that after analogue and digital TV, internet TV (PCTV & GarageTV), it is now time to invest in mobile TV.

Telenet is considering to participate in the auction for Flemish frequencies for mobile television, later this year. Sickinghe: “But when we do it, it will be more than just sending through some TV channels. It would be a mobile portal with video signals connected to it. That is more valuable.”

Source: Datanews


Redford stimulates mobile short films

“Technology doesn’t get traction until artists push their way into it and conjoin with it – the more art lends itself to new technology, it’s going to drive it in new commercial ways.” says Robert Redford yesterday at 3GSM in barcelona. The famous actor/director sees mobile as the ideal platform to distribute short films.
Redford’s independent film-development nonprofit Sundance Institute has already been active in mobile entertainment for a while. At last years 3GSM congress, he already premiered 3 to 5 minutes shorts that were developed exclusively for mobile handsets.

Robert Redford at 3GSM in Barcelona

Another cinema celebrity backed the idea of Mobile Short films. Isabella Rossellini discussed the creative process behind Green Porno, her new series of Sundance-produced mobile shorts exploring the secret lives of the animal kingdom. “I wanted to exploit the mobile opportunity as a new canvas for film – when you use your cell phone, you’re waiting for the bus and bored, and you want to be entertained for a short moment. I had in mind something funny, but to be funny and not silly, it has to have content. Sundance told me ‘This is a new media, you have to make something flashy,’ and ‘flashy’ to me translates as ‘sex.’ So that’s why it’s Green Porno.”