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Mobile social networking grows 182%

At the Web Goes Mobile seminar, Paul Golding indicated that mobile social networks will be the killer app for the mobile phone.

His point seems to be proven by recent figures  of US research firms The Kelsey Group and ConStat.  These indicate that the volume of US mobile subscribers who accessed social networks via mobile device increased from 3,4% in  September 2007 to 9,6% in October 2008, which equals an increase of 182%. 

The report indicates that the Mobile Internet is used for following purposes:
– 15,6% searches for local products & services
– 14,3% searches for products & services outside the local area
– 13,7% searches for info on movies or other entertainment
– 11,7% searches for info on restaurants and bars
– 8,4% watches or purchases mobile video clips

eMarketer forecasts that by 2012 over 800 million users worldwide will access social networks via mobile device, up from 82 million in 2007.

Check the eMarketer report for more info on mobile social networking.

Japanese mobiles to offer psychotherapy sessions

A Japanese professor on Wednesday launched what he said was the world’s first web-based psychotherapy sessions available via mobile phone, as the country grapples with a growing problem of depression.

The interactive service offers cognitive therapy sessions that identify a person’s level of depression by asking questions about his or her sleeping and eating habits, weight change, and emotional well-being.

Using their mobile phones — which are also widely substituted in Japan as wallets, train tickets, books, and television — people can easily access the service.

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Mobile Messaging addiction

People are getting more and more addicted to mobile messaging and mobile e-mail. So much so that they put it ahead of their own health, their relationships and the welfare of others.  That’s the conclusion of a study conducted by Osterman Research and commissioned by Neverfail.

The texting and e-mail facilities of our mobile devices have made it possible for us to be connected in an ‘anytime, anywhere’ manner.  On the downside, this has created a pressure for employees to be available, even during non-office hours. The recent economic downfall has only worsened this feeling. This leads to an addictive use of mobile messaging: 94% of respondents said they send sms messages and e-mail with their mobile during nights and weekends.  96% never leaves their phone home when going on holidays. 

The location and timing can lead to taking unnecessary risks: 41% messages in the plane while flying; 77% sends messages while driving a car; 79% when in the bathroom.  Shockingly, 11% admits to mobile messaging while engaged in ‘intimate behavior’. 

Last month, one of America’s worst train crashes was caused by a train engineer who missed a red light due to being busy with text messages.

How about you?  What was the worst time/place for you to send sms & mobile e-mail messages?  Write a comment or vote in our poll.



VRT launches beta version of DeRedactie & Sporza Mobile

Yesterday, the flemish VRT launched the beta version of the mobile site for their news site DeRedactie and the sports section Sporza.  After the launch of De Standaard Mobile, this is the second large mobile news initiative in Belgium. You can visit these beta versions at and

DeRedactie mobile on an Apple iPhone

The mobile internet site of De Redactie visualizes on its first page the latest headlines.  A drop-down menu leads to other news articles in the sections politics, economy, culture & media and the regional sections.  Interesting feature is that you can listen to the latest news bulletin and the latest newspaper headlines.  Too bad this feature is hidden so deep in the drop-down menu.

Sports news is separated into Sporza Mobile, but can be reached via the top navigation of DeRedactie Mobile.  Same concept there: latest headlines and pictures on the first page, other sections in the dropdown menu.

DeRedactie mobile also contains the latest updates on weather and traffic info in pure text form.   The weather map and the traffic jam map (filekaart) that are visualized on the website have disappeared on the mobile version.

MobileWeb creates Jobat Mobile for Corelio

Job search & career advice on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone

MobileWeb, the Belgian specialist in mobile internet solutions, has created the mobile job portal Jobat Mobile for Corelio. Based on the unique Mobile Web Server, jobs and career advice are optimally presented on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone. MobileWeb has previously developed De Standaard Mobile for Corelio.

Jobat Mobile: find the job of your life, wherever you are
On August 20th, the career website Jobat has launched a new mobile site, covering all domains that are present on the website. “Jobat Mobile allows to check for new incoming job offers any time and anywhere, on your mobile phone or smartphone”, explains Luc Van Haute, managing director of Jobat. “The launch of this mobile service is an important step to bring career opportunities and info closer to the job searchers.” A job search on the mobile site can be done by function, by region or by sector. The site also gives career tips, company profiles, and news articles taken from De Standaard Mobile. Interaction with visitors is possible through the weekly poll.

An optimal presentation on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone
“The job search on your mobile phone should be easy and user friendly, no matter which mobile device and which operator you use”, adds Danny Lein, Managing Director of “Depending on the type of device, whether it is a GSM, Blackberry or iPhone, the font size and the images are adapted to the screen size.”
In June 2008, has also created De Standaard Mobile, another mobile service from the Corelio group. This allowed to integrate news content and traffic info from De Standaard Mobile into the new Jobat Mobile service.

Available for free on and on PlazZza
The mobile internet site can be visited for free by entering the address in the mobile browser. This is possible for every mobile device that has Internet access. also registered Jobat Mobile in the listings of PlazZza, the Belgian portal for mobile sites. If you send the keyword JOBAT by sms to the free number 8080, you’ll receive a sms message with a direct link to Jobat Mobile. The mobile site is a free service, available in both French and Dutch.

Advertising for Jobat Mobile - click to enlarge

Netlog goes mobile

Social networking site Netlog, based in Belgium but active all over Europe, has launched a mobile version of their platform.  Direct your mobile browser to and you can log into your account, manage your profile, add friends, send messages, share pictures and videos, post blog posts, join groups, etc.

LinkedIn goes mobile

Social networking site LinkedIn has announced a mobile version, which you can find on
The beta release is available in 6 languages and allows to search profiles, invite people to your network and receive updates about connections. A final version, featuring more and phone-specific functionality, is expected later this spring.

LinkedIn counts about 20 million subscribers, which is a lot less than MySpace and Facebook, but it concentrates on business networking, which has become its niche. Their mobile site aims to benefit business men who are attending a meeting or conference and who quickly want to check certain information on a business profile of another attendee. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberries and other WAP-enabled mobile phones.