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Mobile communication in Belgium on the rise

In 2006 people in Belgium called more than the year before. Especially mobile phoning is on the rise. If the trend is kept up this year, the mobile phone use might beat the fixed phone. Those are the conclusions of the annual report of the Advising Committee for Telecommunication in Belgium.

While in 2005 the amount of call minutes had risen only 1,7%, it rose another 6,5% in 2006. Together we called each other for 24,86 billion minutes. 46% of those calls, or 11,4 billion minutes, were made with a mobile phone. In 2005 that number was still below 10 billion. This augmentation is caused by the growing amount of mobile subscribers on the one hand, and the existing subscribers called more on the other hand.
Of course the GSM is not just popular for calling only: in 2006 there were about 4,5 billion sms text messages exchanged, which comes down to an average of 477 per mobile subscriber.

(Source: De Standaard)

Mobile communication in Belgium on the rise