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Navitell presents content platform StoryNations

Early this month, the Belgian company Navitell launched a new mobile concept: mobile storytelling.
It allows the downloading of small videos with various information onto your mobile device.

A broad range of possible applications:
Story Travel: videos with touristic information
Story Cooking: videos with a chef explaining a recipe
Story Health: videos with diet advice or wellness tips
Story Kids: videos with kids stuff, fun & entertainment
Geo Hunting: video hints and tasks for a city adventure game

The video content can be downloaded by GPS onto your smartphone. But since this is not accessible for everyone, there’s also the option to download via the website onto another device, such as a video iPod or PSP. Some downloads will be free of charge, some will be payable. Pretty much like an app store.
Navitell is also looking for partnerships to distribute the content. One of the first partners is the magazine Flair, who combined 50 mobile stories to their July 7 issue.

And they already have the ambition to go international. A possibility is, for example, to offer coaching videos on how to climb the Mont Ventoux, while listening to stories depending on the location and velocity.
There are already negociations with the American NBC to offer stories along a “9/11-route”.

Next step, expected in the fall of this year, is giving users the possibility to make their own stories on the StoryNations platform.

Navitell - StoryNations