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NMBS prefers Mobile Internet over Wifi

Interesting quote from NMBS representative Jochem Goovaerts when giving an explanation why the NMBS isn’t currently considering Wifi connection on their trains:

“We focus on our management contract and want to bet mostly on Mobile Internet.  This technology is more future oriented.  It is therefore important to have a good coverage level and to obtain that we’re in discussion with the operators.”

Next year mobile payment for train tickets?

The Belgian railways (NMBS/SNCB) has been talking about SMS ticketing for a while already. 
Recently, Minister of Public Companies Steven Vanackere stated that there’s currently no project regarding mobile payments.  But now Philippe Tomberg , publicist for NMBS, carefully said that the company is studying different channels to digitize the train ticket.  The possibility to offer mobile ticketing on a mid-long term (say, a year from now) “can not excluded”. 

Still pretty vague, but a step in the right direction…