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Apple and Android are big winners of 2009

The sales of mobile phones stagnated last year, as a result of the recession.  But smartphones were the exception.  According to figures by Gartner, 24% more smartphones were sold in 2009 compared to the year before.  Nokia, Blackberry and Apple together sold about 172 million smartphones.

Also important changes as to the operating system of mobile devices.  Even though half of the smartphones still use Nokia’s Symbian, it is clearly losing ground.  Microsoft Windows Mobile is also on the losing side, being pushed out of the top 3 by iPhone OS.  In 2009, iPhone doubled its amount of units sold from 11,8 to 24 million. 
Big runner-up is Android.  The 6,8 million units sold in 2009 were 10 times as much as the year before. According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, there are about 60.000 Google Android phones sold every day now.  At that rate there’ll be more Android phones than iPhones by 2011.

(source: Emerce)

French operators working on Mobile Internet measuring tool

With the Mobile Internet gaining importance, mobile advertising is prospected to become an interesting source of revenue.  But no advertising on a medium that can’t prove its effectiveness with decent numbers and figures.

For this reason, the 3 French operators SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange are collaborating together on the development of a measuring tool which should allow to better track the audience of mobile internet sites.   Each operator will invest one million euro in the development. The launch is expected by the end of the year.

Source: JournalDuNet

Mobile telecom is 4th biggest market

Economic crisis or not, mobile telecom is still one of the most profitable business markets in the world.  Only the food, weapon and car industry are doing better. These 4 markets are the only ones worth more than 1 trillion dollars (or 750 billion euro).   The telecom market is still growing, with now almost 4 billion mobile subscriptions around the world.

These numbers come from the telecom analist Tomi Ahonen of the Oxford University, who stresses the importance of mobile telecommunications.  He predicts that mobile phones will become more important than PCs to visit internet pages. 

Of the 1 trillion revenue, there’s 150 billion coming from mobile phone sales, 50 billion from network devices, and a 800 billion from mobile services.    Of the mobile services, there’s 600 billion for mobile voice calling, 130 billion for SMS texting and 70 billion for mobile internet. 

If telecommunication is calculated together (fixed, mobile & Internet), it is worth 1,8 trillion dollars, which would be second place behind the food industry.


Mobile Internet in France 2008

Some numbers and figures for the Mobile Internet use in France in 2008.

* 71% of the mobinautes between the age of 15 and 20 years know Gallery.  72% of them already uses Gallery.

* 50% of the mobinauts, who have an unlimited data subscription, connect to the Mobile Internet at least once a day.

* 16% of the mobinauts have already connected to the Mobile Internet after seeing an advertising.

* 30% of the mobinauts say they subscribed to an unlimited access offer for Mobile Internet.

Proven figures

A much heard ‘but…’ about mobile marketing from advertisers is the lack of proven figures about the adoption of the mobile phone and the characteristics of its reach. Yet the mobile operators have tons of information regarding segmentation, demographics, use, adoption, devices,… However, many of these data have a competitive nature and are carefully being kept a secret. Recently this scarcity of data belongs to the past. No week passes or a new international study displays and explains another aspect of the new, upcoming mobile medium. In Belgium the second phase of the Belgian Mobile Mapping (BMM) has recently been finished by InSites in collaboration with the IAB.

For those hungry for numbers, we provide some interesting figures (*):

  • 94% of SMS or MMS mailings to selected opt-in lists in France are actually opened and read
  • 90% of the Belgians older than 15 years possesses a GSM
  • 81% of the European mobile users regularly sends SMS messages; 33% does this daily
  • 75% of the European mobile users in July 2007 has already received a publicity SMS, the majority (73%) from their mobile operator
  • 62% of the adolescents (12 – 24year) in France has downloaded content on his mobile; on average for all age groups this is 41%
  • 51% of the Italian mobile users takes pictures with his mobile phone, and 31% shares this with friends through mobile networks
  • 50% of the world population will have a mobile phone by the end of 2007 (3,35 billion people)
  • 49% of the French mobinauts consults the weather forecast on the mobile internet
  • 40% of the Belgians has at least once reacted to an advertising via his mobile
  • 36% of all Belgian GSM devices was bought in the past 12 months
  • 30% of the 50 Top European Brands have a first experience with mobile marketing
  • 30% of the mobile advertising campaigns done by Top European Brands generate conversion rates of more than 5%
  • 30% of the Belgian users is rather critical regarding the intrusive character of the mobile phone
  • 19% of the British internauts older than 15 have made an internet connection with their mobile in January 2007 (5,7 million people)
  • 10% of the Spanish mobile users have already subscribed to a RingBack tone

Proven figures

These figures speak for themselves. Everybody now owns a mobile phone. Through the increasing use of messaging, mobile internet and content download services, the mobile medium slowly becomes a full mass medium, and certainly within certain age groups, the mobile phone has become a necessary instrument.

In some countries the mobile medium is now included in the measurements of the reach of classic mass media. Maybe this can be an inspiration for the CIM to give a more prominent place to mobile in the next Plurimedia study?

(*) Sources: M:Metrics, MédiaMétrie, InSites BMM, Quantifica